Thursday, August 25, 2016

I'm done with deodorant!

Hey there. It's been a while. I won't get into details right now but the past year or so that I've been away has been CRAZY. From breakups, moving, adventures, and getting to be with my dream guy...(that I have liked for nearly a decade!) my life has been very hectic.

The past couple months though, some awesome new things have come around and impressed me so much it brought me out of hiatus and back into the blogging world! How I've missed you!

The first thing I want to share with you is a deodorant that I found from a local company called Sassa Bella, which I reviewed sometime last year and still use/love, but before I get to that, let me explain the reason behind the title of this post- me being done with deodorant. Recently I had a HORRIBLE reaction to Scmidt's bergamot & lime deodorant that caused huge knots in my armpits.
I went on vacation to L.A. with my boyfriend a couple days after the bumps appeared, and my pits were so swollen I couldn't even bear to apply deodorant. I had 6 lumps in my right armpit and one huge one in the left.  After using Irish Spring soap to cleanse out of necessity, and taking a natural antibiotic,  it finally disappeared.

My sister told me she had a similar reaction to a deodorant by Kiss My Face, and another girl on Facebook said the same thing about using a deodorant from Jason. I have used several deodorants from natural brands since I switched to organic products and this was the first I've ever seen of this kind of reaction. I have had small irritations from the ones containing baking soda but never anything bad.

Sassa Bella has a deodorant called Beautiful Skin also that is made for the most sensitive skins, and people going through radiation treatments. That is the only thing I could use on my skin during that outbreak. When I got back from California, I got on Sassa Bellas's website to reorder the Beautiful Skin and noticed they had launched a new deodorant called BodyFlex geared towards active people.
I am an active person! After reading the ingredients list, and browsing around for reviews, I decided to purchase it. Most importantly for me, there was no baking soda, which is what I suspect caused the lumps before.

The ingredients for BodyFlex are very clean and pure which is what I love about this company. It contains several antibacterial and odor fighting ingredients such as:

*coconut oil
* zinc
* tea tree 
* manuka honey

So much antibacterial goodness! Zinc is the powerhouse here in my opinion, as it is a very effective odor killer, while still allowing your skin to detox by sweating and not clogging pores. Not only are these ingredients soothing and effective, but they are even gentle enough to not cause irritations when applied after shaving. That is huge for me! I have always had issues with red bumps when I used anything directly after shaving. The one complaint I have is that it applies very white the same way suncreens that contain zinc do. That isn't a big deal for me though.

The scent is similar to a mint toothpaste, which I really like because mint is refreshing when you are sweaty. I will say that it does not last all day as the description says, I usually have to reapply at least once while I am at work. Other than that I am extremely happy with this deodorant. I have tried quite a few natural deodorants since starting this blog and though they seemed to work well for the first couple of months, the never seem to pan out in the long run. I have been using this product nearly the entire month of August and have not had any signs of irritation or red bumps!

This is the only deodorant I will use from now on. I will not be looking for another. I'm done! It has everything I am looking for, doesn't cause irritation. and is from a local business. You can't get any better than that really.

Let me know if you try this product, because I really love Sassa Bella and use several of their products daily, so be on the lookout for future posts. Also, there will be some blog changes happening as my lifestyle has changed over the past year and a half so I want this blog to reflect that.

See you soon!

Price: $8.95
Where to buy:
                        Good Foods Coop- Lexington, Ky

Ingredients: Organic Coconut Oil, Sunflower Wax, Organic Arrowroot Powder, Zinc Oxide,  Polyglycerol-3 Beeswax, Non-GMO Vitamin E, and Essential Oils of Spearmint, Peppermint, Clove, Rosemary, Tea Tree, and Manuka

Friday, February 20, 2015


Omg. You have NO IDEA how excited I am to share this with you! I have already told my sister (who btw switched to organic personal care last year!) all about it and she is going to try it. Now it's time to share it with everyone else.

Before I do though, yall should know by now (we say that here) that I am trying to live a little more sustainable, cut back on waste, and try to recycle most of my when this deodorant caught my eye...I jumped on it.
What is so special about a deodorant you ask??? is wrapped in paper. Compostable paper. No plastic!! Pretty exciting stuff, in fact I squealed when I found it... I may have a problem. This product is from a shop I found on etsy called The Rex Apothecary, and all of their items are so amazingly green.
You use it the same way as a conventional plastic twist up tube, but instead of twisting you just push the bar up through the cardboard tube, and apply it. It's really a genius idea. I can't believe it hasn't been thought of until now!
Another thing that drew me in was the scent. It wasn't your typical lavender, or tea tree scent most organic deodorant brands offer, but this scent was one I had only ever found in the candy isle...cocoa orange! That brought back memories of my mom buying that ball of chocolate that was shaped like an orange and broke into slices when I was little. I loved those! It sealed the deal and the only thing I could do was order right then and there.
Luckily, it wasn't just all packaging and actually works for me. I put it to the test the day after receiving it with atough Fitness Blender workout, and every day since at my factory job. It is really great at keeping me odor free. Also, it moisturizes my armpits and doesn't stain my clothing. Bonus points for clean shirts!

Even though there is baking soda in the ingredients, I have experienced ZERO irritation, and have had no problems whatsoever. There is also arrowroot, shea & cocoa butters, coconut oil, and wonderful organic essential oils that keep you odor free and smelling like chocolatey orange amazing deliciousness all day. You will want to eat it...but please dont!

I really LOVE the fact that they made this completely biodegradable, plastic free, organic, and small batch. For a small price of $9.95, you are really getting a quality product! Some will disagree with thst price, but just look at all of the thought and care and the ingredients that go into making it. I actually had to wait a few days because they were waiting for fresh ingredients to prepare my order, so you are getting something made just for you.

I really recommend trying this deodorant whether  you are looking for a new scent, more sustainable packaging, or just to have a great deodorant. It is one of my favorites of the bunch I have tried, and you will definitely be seeing more about this brand from me!


Where to buy: