Wednesday, December 26, 2012

CRUSHCOSMETICS review and swatches.

Hey guys! I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas, I know I did!!! I had planned on doing this post a couple weeks ago, but I didn't really have a chance until now. I have been using the products I'm about to show you for a few months now and they have become favorites...I actually mentioned them in my 2012 favorites video on youtube. The company is called CRUSHCOSMETICS, and they have all natural mineral makeup in their store on etsy. They have tons of different mineral eye shadows, lip glosses and balms, glitter, and even some body care products, and they are located in Canada. The eye shadows I got are actually the petite eye shadows (they offer those and full size), which is 5 grams. The petite shadows are only 5 bucks, and the full size is $7.99 and are 5 grams in a 10g jar. The colors I got are Fairy Wings (pale, icy pink), and Funeral Party (solid matte black), and they are two of my FAVORITE eye shadows! I also got two of their lip glosses, which are awesome as well! They are pretty pigmented and not sticky at all, and they smell like cake( thanks to caramel flavor oil). I got Dutchess (coral pink with shimmer), and Cake (pinky gold with shimmer) but Dutchess is definitely my favorite of the two. I like to use Funeral Party as eyeliner, because it is so dark and pigmented, and Fairy Wings as an inner corner highlight, because it is just the right shade of pink to brighten the dark shadows in my inner corners. I use these almost everyday and I am definitely going to be trying more of their makeup! If you are interested in trying any of their products, you can find them here:
I hope you check them out, and let me know what you think!

                                                                           - Shauna
from top: cake, dutchess, fairy wings, funeral party

from top: funeral party, fairy wings

from left: funeral party, fairy wings

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Holistic Apothecary toothpaste (etsy)

Hey guys! If you follow me on youtube, you have already seen me say I was going to do a review on this toothpaste, so as promised, here it is! First off, when I decided to go natural, I discovered that etsy was the absolute best resource for natural beauty products. They literally sell any beauty item you want, from makeup to toothpaste...and it is usually organic AND for a great price. I love love love etsy, and that's why I do a lot of reviews of etsy products. This one I also found there, because the only thing I am having a hard time finding a natural alternative for is toothpaste. The requirements for the toothpaste I will use are these:

NO glycerin! glycerine coats your teeth and keeps them from remineralizing , and as someone who has had their share of fillings, I'm not in the market for that. Whats the point of trying to eat healthy and get all my nutrients, if my teeth aren't going to get any of them? ALL the natural toothpastes I've seen online contain glycerin.

NO fluoride! I had no idea of the dangers of this scary ingredient until I started looking for a health toothpaste! Flouride is linked to cancer, it damages your nervous system, and if you consume to much of it, it will cause your teeth to get discolored and CRUMBLE! Yikes! And that's not all the effects of fluoride. I like my teeth and my no thanks!

NO sulfates! sulfates are essentially detergents. They dry out the membranes inside your mouth by removing the natural oil and cause canker sores,and  chapped lips. Also they mimic estrogen inside your body, and that can cause disrupton of your hormones.

So those are the main issues I have been finding inside of "natural" toothpastes. There are a ton more ingredients to avoid in toothpaste, but while I can find toothpastes without these other bad things, I can't seem to avoid these three. Until I found the Holistic Apothecary toothpaste. It has just 3 ingredients. Organic virgin coconut oil, organic peppermint essential oil, and baking soda. Wow. What a short list! Both coconut oil, and peppermint oil are anti bacterial to protect your mouth from bacteria, and baking soda scrubs them clean and whitens, and makes your mouth alkaline to prevent cavities. I think I paid $7.00 for this 1 0z jar...which is kinda expensive...but the ingredients were worth it to me. Also, you hardly need any on your brush to get your whole mouth clean. While this toothpaste DOES clean my teeth really well, I do have a couple isues with it.
1. it is really salty. the baking soda is the only flavor you taste...pure salt.
2. it doen't foam, so it is kind of weird to get used to
3. the coconut oil leaves your teeth with a slick feel, but it also makes them super smooth
BUT I think the clean minty feeling, and nice smooth teeth outweigh the salty taste and weird smooth texture. This is the only natural toothpaste I have tried so far, and I am going to keep trying others, but it's pretty good. I did try essential oxygen mouthrinse and it made my teeth really sensitive so if you have sensitive teeth I don't recommend it. What's your favorite natural toothpaste? I would love some recommendations! Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Dirttribe dead sea mineral mask.

Hey guys! I have something fantastic to show you today, and I really think you will like it! If you know me, you know that I suffer from blackheads around my mouth/chin area, and no matter what I do, they ALWAYS come back! GGGRRR! There is nothing worse than having a bumpy chin! So after some research and a convo with my fave skincare company creator, (Fawnlily Botanica), she advised me of what to do to get rid of blackheads...clay. After that, I began searching for a completely natural clay mask that is suitable for dry or sensitive skin...and I gotta say, it's a tough thing to find. After days and days of searching, I finally found one from a company called Dirttribe, and they can be found on Etsy,( and also on their own website( This company is amazing! All of their products are completely organic, cruelty free, and eco friendly, and the packing materials they mail them in are even recycled. I think that is awesome! Ok now back to the mask. I ALWAYS seem to have a cluster of blackheads on my chin, usually on both sides of my mouth, and they are very difficult to cover up too. They are the kind that are really bumpy and look like I have craters on my face (to me), and it makes me really feel bad about myself. I used this mask the other night for the first time, and immediately my self esteem went up. I used a cotton swab, and dipped it into the mask and swiped it onto my problem areas, (forehead, nose, chin), and I'm not exaggerating, I didn't even leave it on for 2 minutes and all but 3 or 4 blackheads were GONE! It contains mint essential oil so it was pretty tingly, that's why I wiped it off early, but my bf was in the shower and I made him poke his head out to see my face because it was glowing.
you can plant the label!

I can't wait to see what my face will look like after I use this for a few more weeks! I hope you check out Dirttribe on etsy, and tell me what you think! What's your favorite face mask?

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Bubble and bee orange vanilla pit putty review.(now with pictures!)

hey everyone! I hope you all are having a great week! I have been having a rough one due to starting a new job but what better time to test out a new deodorant than under stress??? As you know if you've read my blog before, I really love the Nourish organic deodorant.... but lately I've not been enjoying it as much as usual. For some reason it has not been working as well, so I decided to try one I've had my eye on for a while...the pit putty from Bubble and bee! One reason while I haven't tried it before now is beacause they did not offer a scent that I would like, and also the price ($9.95 yikes!). But while preparing to order my Nourish, I realized with shipping it was almost equal priced and went ahead with the pit putty. Am I ever glad I did! They finally offered a scent that was made for me... sweet orange vanilla! (which is my new fave since the fawnlily botanica lip balm!) to the review.To start off with, the ingredients are amazing and completely organic. The scent itself comes from organic vanilla extract, and orange essential oil! It really smells amazing too! The wetness protection comes from organic arrowroot powder,and the stink protection comes from organic coconut oil. Thats it! Now onto the effectiveness. When you apply  the deodroant to your pits, the directions say just to swipe twice, then rub it in until just the arrowroot powder is left and that is supposed to protect you from wetness. Let me just say I have NEVER had deodorant keep me this dry before,especiallyafter 8 intense hours of work. I am in love with this stuff. I didnt even smell at all when I got off work, which with the Nourish I felt wetness almost an hour later and recently started to smell stinky pits at the end of my work this pit putty is a miracle :) They also offer pit putty in a cream form and in a stick with baking soda.  They have a deodorant guarantee, that means if the one you ordered didn't work for your particular body odor problem, they will rplace it until you find the right noe! How freakin awesome is that???It gets my seal off aproval and I hope some of you will try it out too! You can get it here:

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Organic Indulgence review.

Hey guys! This is just going to be a quick little review of my new body wash and lotion that I picked up back in august from TJ may have seen it in my first haul from there...but it is the orchard pear and fig lotion/ bodywash.

I bought these when I was just browsing around the beauty isle at TJ Maxx, and I was just looking for some natural skincare products (if they had any), and I was pretty excited because I was about to run out of my Nourish  lotion and body wash and these would be backup for that. I actually think I like these better than the Nourish! The bodywash is very foamy because of the coco glucoside, and it smells more like what a body wash should smell like, instead of like oils like the Nourish. The smell is fantastic! I really smell the pear, but I really don't know what a fig smells like...but if it smells this good I would like to find out! The lotion is great too. It is more moisturizing than the Nourish was, and I only need one application, rather than 2 like before. It comes out kind of liquidy compared to the Nourish but it goes on really silky and makes my skin feel very hydrated. I really enjoy both of these products, and I think I am going to go buy both of the ones that they have left at TJ Maxx and maybe try some other scents from, because their whole line of products is on there. I hope you enjoyed this review, see ya next post!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

"Clean" makeup brush cleaner!

Hey guys! I have a light night at work tonight so I thought I would take the time to make a quick post about how I clean my makeup brushes...naturally of course! I was searching for a natural/ organic shampoo for my hair initially and I always look on Etsy first because I find some truly AMAZING products on there for skin and makeup. Instead of finding a shampoo for my hair, I ended up finding one for my makeup brushes, which is good because I was using the elf one and it was just riddled with nasty chemicals and parabens! Here is the lovely shampoo I found:

This lovely shampoo is actually a black soap shampoo from an Etsy store called the healing moon, and it is completely natural, and smells awesome! It has lavender, and orange essential oils, and shea butter, and other yummy things inside that are cleansing AND moisturizing at the same time. It cleans every ounce of makeup off of my eyeshadow brushes in just a second...and it was only $5.00 (plus shipping). I bought it for my hair but I ended up finding my favorite shampoo ever before I even used this, so I tried it on my brushes and it worked great so there we go...and it doesn't make them shed either, not that I have seen so far anyway. I think it is also 8 oz but I'm not positive. So here is my opinion: smells great, cleans and conditions your brushes, very inexpensive, completely natural...I'd say that's a pretty sweet deal for only 5 bucks! I hope you try it out for yourself and let me know if you like it as much as I do!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Ohsudz blemish cover up (Etsy)

Hey everyone! Hope your weekend was pleasant! Mine was because I got this concealer in the mail...and it's amazing. It is called "blemish cover up" and is from a store on Etsy called Ohsudz and was only $9.00!! And it works better than ANY concealer I've ever tried before...the milkfancy concealer turned out to be terrible. It dried up inside the container somehow and I tossed it out. The Gabriel colour concealer matches my skin but flakes away when you blend it, and the Geo girl concealer has some questionable ingredients in it, so when I ran out of it I started searching for an "all natural" replacement...and ladies and gentleman....I found it. First off I will tell you what the description on the store says:
"This is the best coverup for acne, and is opaque enough to cover acne scars. Creamy and easy to apply, with great coverage.This formula glides right on,evenly, no streaks, great pigment, and great coverage for acne scars."
side view

top view

hand swatch

Ok, now your probably thinking, yea right. Lots of concealers claim that . But this one actually told the truth...GASP! I know I was blown away by the quality of this concealer. It goes on INCREDIBLY easy, and really is very opaque. I used it the afternoon it came, and went out shopping, along with my Sanre radiant glow tinted moisturizer. My face really looked clear and even. I had been having breakouts the past few weeks, and since it is cleared up, all that is left is little red acne marks on my chin (just a few) but this really made them disappear! It also goes on very creamy under the eyes and blends you aren't wearing any makeup at all. I have very dry skin so usually concealers tend to settle in my creases of my eyes and leave flaky patches as my skin dehydrates throughout the day, but this is so moisturizing that I don't have any problems whatsoever. I got the light shade which is kinda hard to match most of the time because it always seems to pink...but this matches my skin perfectly. I really can't say enough about it, you will just have to try it for yourself to see the wonderfullness of it. It really is amazing. Long story short, the ingredients are FANTASTIC, the coverage is AMAZING, and it is very reasonably priced... it's pretty much perfect and I will use it as a staple in my beauty routine from now on! Hope you liked this review and if you try this concealer, let me know how much you loved it because there's no way you can't!!! See ya next time :)

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Sanre Organic Skinfood radiant glow tinted moisturizer.

Hey everyone! I have something pretty awesome th show you today...and it is even more awesome because I got it for free! If I find a product I REALLY want to try but it is kinda pricey, I take initiative and email the company them selves and ask if they sell sample sizes of their products, and usually they will email me back and say they do not SELL samples but they offer to send me a couple from their whole sale department. And that is pretty awesome of them to do and I really appreciate that. I really am a " try before you buy" type of girl when it comes to makeup and skin care because I like to know what it will look like or how it works with my skin. That being said, I contacted Sanre Organic Skinfood a couple weeks ago because I really wanted to try their radiant glow tinted moisturizer, but it is in the $20-$25 range, and I wanna make sure it is something I can/ will use for that money. They emailed me back a few days later and told me they only have samples in medium and asked for my address, and I gladly submitted it to them. Even if it is too dark, I could still see how it worked with my skin. So I never heard a reply until today when my bf checked the mail and there was a sample of each in an envelope addressed to me! I was so excited. Here is what it looks like in the package:
container with lid
They are very small, but there is actually quite a bit of product in there! They look extremely dark as well, but once I swatched the light on my hand it turned into a glowy light color.
medium(left) light(right)

light swatch
There is no scent that I could detect, and it my made my skin so soft and glowy! I actually wore it today over my Sante soft cream foundation and I felt like I looked a little more glowy, like I had been outside for a while. I really like it and I am going to buy the full size definitely! I hope you enjoyed this review, and remember, it is always worth asking a company about their products because you never know if you can try it if you don't! See ya next post!

Monday, September 3, 2012


  Hey everyone, today I want to share a product that I have heard a lot about lately and I just want to do a little review of my own. I see people use these on youtube a lot, and I was curious to see if they were really as good as the review were. To my surprise they were! This 5 pc brush set has: a mineral powder brush, concealer brush, eye shading brush, and a baby kabuki brush, along with a cotton/ hemp carrying case. First let's talk about first impressions, then we will discuss quality and price. I went on the hunt for these one day because I recently started using mineral foundation and I needed a mineral brush to apply it with, so I went to target and found them immediately. They are not very big brushes, actually they are travel size, but they are made really well. The handles are made of bamboo, so they are a sustainable material (hence the eco in eco tools), and the brushes are synthetic, but are SO incredibly soft! I don't know the exact material they are made of but I do know they are cruelty free. :) They are fantastic quality for the price..I believe I paid $10.99 for them and considering you get 5 peices, that's great! I really just bought this set for the baby kabuki, but I ended up loving all of them. I love the eye shading brush for blendig in my medusa eye dust, and I also use the concealer brush to apply foundation as concealer.

concealer brush

shading brush
The baby kabuki ended up being my favorite brush of all of them because I blends in even my liquid makeup into a airbrush like finish. It is the perfect size for me, and is so so soft!
I don't really use the powder brush very often, but occasionally I do use it instead of the kabuki brush to do  my foundation, but it would be great for blush, and the carrying case is the perfect size to carry your brushes on the go!
baby kabuki

Well, that is my review! I hope you enjoyed it and if you try them, let me know what you think! See ya next post!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

My first iherb order.

Hey everybody, I am so excited today because I just made my first order from! In case you don't know what that is, it is a website that only sells natural products...from makeup to cleaning supplies for your house. They have pretty good prices already, but they also have a rewards program, and you get your own referral code to give to your friends and family...and strangers... to get them a $5 discount on any purchase, or if they spend $40 or more they get $10 off! That's freakin awesome. I got my discount because I used the code TheFlaxenOwl posted on her youtube video. Also, if they use your referral code, you get a rewards points that you can use to buy stuff from there for free! My referral code is SEQ516 if anybody wants to save a little money on natural products...and then after you buy something you will get your own code to give to others and so's pretty cool really. And this code never expires so if you are reading this a year after its posted, you can still use it. Feel free to use my code!!!! I will do an iherb haul video when I recieve my package and share what I got with you. BBByyyeee!

UPDATE: 8-30-2012
I just got my order today! Yayyyyy! I actually filmed a video that will be going up this weekend so look out for that!

Friday, August 10, 2012

new videos coming!

Hey everybody! Hope your week has been pleasant! My weekend comes on thursday because of my schedule so I am already happy lol. And I hope you like the new setup! I just stopped in today to let you know that I have filmed 3 videos (including the Nourish products one I already told you about), and will be uploading them tomorrow..if youtube will let me. It has been SO SLOW at uploading videos lately! Am I the only one with this problem???? Anyway.....I just refreshed my hair color so it is beautiful and bright and RED again so today I filmed outside so you could see what it really looks like because in my videos it is already faded and I have roots showing, and nobody gets to see the REAL RED it is usually. So I did that, and I also made a video on how to make your loose mineral eyeshadow into cream shadow!! YAY! I find it rediculously hard to find non toxic cream shadow..even without grapefruit seed extract. So I made some myself! Also today I did that to my mineral foundation samples I got from Everyday Minerals..and I must say it is my FAVORITE liquid foundation I've ever used! I talk about that a little in the video, but I will do a full review later on. So that's all I wanted to say, and hopefully I'll see you in my new vids this weekend! BYYEeee!!!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Blog makeover.

HHHHeeey again! Just in case you didn't notice, I just gave my blog a makeover. I deleted all of my old posts about non-organic/natural makeup and skincare products, because I do not use those things anymore and want to just focus on the natural stuff I am using now. I changed my layout and template to something a little more simple. It seems like more people enjoy reading blogs on a plain white background, with no muss or fuss to get in the way of the thing they are trying to read about. Let me know what you think of the new layout!I have ALOT more reviews and blog posts to come, but I think I will only be able to upload videos for reviews and for my youtube channel, on the weekends. I will still be posting on here during the week and I have been trying out a few things I am really excited to share with you! Some are beauty related, and some are health related, which are my two favorite subjects. :) OOh and I think I may doing a tutorial on how to curl your hair to look like natural curls...cause I can do that. See ya later!

Healthy food haul.

Hey everybody! I'm am here to show you what I got at Trader Joe's today...and one thing I already had from Kroger, but still wanted to show you. goes. My friend Kaitlyn introduced me to trader joes I think back in May of this year, and I immediately fell in love! It is the only one we have here I think and it's only about 20 minutes from where I live, so after a couple of months of bothering my boyfriend to go( because I knew he'd like it!), we finally went over the weekend...and he loved it. Ha! So he said he wanted to start shopping there regularly, and today was the first time. I only had an hour to get food so we didn't really get alot, but I'm really excited about some of the stuff we did get. Guacamole hummus anyone???When I saw that I HAD to get it! Two of my favorite things in one! I am like a guacamole freak..and I just got my bf liking hummus, so this is awesome for both of us. I had to break into it immediately after we got home, and it is just as amazing as I hoped it would be....I think I'm in love. Avacados are one of the healthies foods on the planet, and are amazing for your eyes, heart, cancer prevention and also help lower your cholesterol. And did I mention delicious?

 One of the other things we got that was mostly for me was dark chocolate almonds with sea salt and turbinado sugar. mmmmmmmmmmm, This was the first thing I ate when leaving the store. I was SO HUNGRY before we even left, so I had to snack on something right? These ones are amazing. Sweet( but not too sweet), salty...kinda tastes like a chocolate covered pretzel, only way better for you!

Almond milk. This is the only milk I drink. In interest of living healthier, I am trying to omit dairy from my diet. There are just too many reasons to explain why...just google it. The only dairy product I eat is just can't replace cheese. So I just limit my cheese intake. Anyway, I usually by Almond breeze almond milk from Kroger for $2.69, and at Trader Joe's, it is $1.99!! WTF Kroger??? The Trader Joe's brand is $1.69, and has fewer ingredients so I ended up getting 3 boxes.

Condiments is next. I like ketchup, and jelly and syrup just like anybody else, but trying to be haelthy limits what you can get at the regular grocery store, at least where I live. But today I found a few alternatives to the chemical laiden condiments and I am pretty happy with them.
ORGANICIS THE WAY TO GO. Also, look for the one that has the fewest ingredients,a nd no  high fructose corn syrup. I love pb& j, so this organic fruit spread is going to bring them back into my life! I have not had one in a long time due to not being able to find a quality jelly without chemicals, but this one is pretty damn good! The ketchup too. And I like to make protein pancakes for breakfast and you GOTTA HAVE 100% MAPLE SYRUP. You just got too.

Sugar is another thing I have a problem with. Refined sugar is sooooo unbeleivably bad for you. But at my house we LOVE coffe, and we like sugar and creamer in it. I switched to SO Delicious coconut milk creamer and that's pretty good, but I have been trying stevia and...bluh. It's not good in coffee. So...turbinado sugar will do. It is a wholesome sweetener, and
it is lower in calories since it tends to hold more moisture. Turbinado sugar isn't processed as much as white sugar, so it is healthier for you.

                                                              Another sweetener I reallty like is honey. I usually buy organic honey, but today I just got this cute little bear. It was a little cheaper, and Trader Joe's says on their website that they don't carry GMO products, so I guess it will be ok...for now!

And lastly, this is the one item I already had form Kroger. We have this isle at my store that has discounted food and other items for DIRT CHEAP! And alot of the things are organic and healthy foods, so I've been getting to try alot of things I wouldn't have before due to the price. These chips were $.25. Yup. A QUARTER. And I didn't know if I'd like them at first but ended up loving them.

My friend ate some that I brought to work and loved them so much she bought like 6 bags! The are whole root vegetables, cut into chips, and kettle cooked. In  1 oz, there is a serving of veggies! So even though they are fried, they are done so in a healthier oil and you are still getting a full serving of veggies. Cool huh? Well, that's all the stuff I got to show you. I hope you enjoyed looking at my food as much as I will enjoy eating it. ByyyEEE!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

upcoming video review

Hey everybody! I hope everyone had a great weekend! I filmed a review for some more products from Nourish over the weekend and tried to upload it friday night...but for some reason youtube wouldn't cooperate..I think it was the connection I was usuing. Anyways, it will definately be up in the next few days so watch out for that! Bbyyyeeee!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

UPDATE: Nature's Brands products

So I ordered a few samples the other day from a company called Nature's Brands, and a couple posts ago I had said I was going to be ordering these products, and would review them once they arrived...that time is now! There actually a few divisions of Nature's Brands. The two I ordered from were Bella Mari mineral makeup, and Herbal Choice Mari (skin and haircare). There are also vitamins and things and each one has their own website but they are all linked's kinda weird! So anyway I ordered a sample of the moisturizing foundation, concealer, herbal face cleanser, and some lipstick. I got the samples today and I was so excited because it had only been like 3 days since I ordered it, (it came all the way from Texas.) Impressive! I opened them up and swatched all the makeups on my hand,,, to see if I wold have a reaction with any of them. I really am not sure if I did on my face, because I sometimes get this dry red patch on my cheek, and I got it today, but I can't say for sure it was the makeup.  I ended up trying them out on my face tonight at work. I have not tried the cleanser yet though, I'll keep you posted.


 Back to the review....the foundation came in a teeny little white plastic jar that had a sticker on the lid telling you what it was, and the concealer and lipstick came in a little clear container like mineral eye shadows, and they are all really small. But being 1.00, they were pretty good sizes lol.The cleanser came in a glass pump bottle and was 1 oz i think...maybe 1/2 oz. The foundation has a really weird herbs and oranges. It kinda stinks. This company is a holistic company and everything is made of herbs...hence the stench. The cleanser had a really herbal smell too, I actually don't even think I am going to be able to use it because of that. The concealer smells too, but not herbally, it's more like an oil jojoba, or sunflower oil, and the lipstick smells like lipstick. SO I wiped my face with my yes to cucumbers wipes after my shower, put  some argan oil on my clean face, then the moisturizing foundation. It goes on like a moisturizer and is a medium coverage on me, and smelled like oranges. I put it all over my face and was pretty impressed with the coverage.  The texture was a little like a thick tinted moisturizer and it felt kinda like a cream on my face. Then I put the concealer under my eyes and on the sides of my nose, but it's the same problem I had with the earth's beauty's really hard in the pot.


 I rubbed my finger all around in there til some came out and I warmed it on my hand before tapping it onto my face. This stuff, I am convinced, would cover a tattoo! It's sooooo opaque! I had really really light under eyes after that. And it doesn't work for my skin type either, which I am not surprised by now. It is very drying on me especially after trying to blend it. I ended up having to do my usual thing and pat some argan oil over my face on top of my makeup to plump my skin back up, and after that it looked pretty good. Great coverage! The lipstick was a color called pink pizazz which is supposed to be a hot pink looking color, but it was just  a bright pink. It was still pretty though.

 I put some on over my lip balm so it was kinda sheer and it was very pretty, like my lips only better. As the night goes by, I start to feel my cheeks and nose drying out, so I rub my cocoa butter stick on it and it helps,  but I am thinking that this foundation or concealer, or the combo isn't going to work out. DANGET! I really wanted this to work. I was really excited about these products because the entire line of Nature's Brands is COMPLETELY natural, widcrafted and organic stuff. I think I am going to give the foundation another shot over my 100% pure tinted moisturizer...yea I know I said I wasn't going to use it anymore because Of the ingredients I found, but I am broke and can't afford to replace it now so I gotta just deal with it til I can. I will either video the products to show you, or I will take some pictures to add to this post tomorrow, aaaannnd I will give it another shot and see if it works with a different moisturizer. See Ya!!!!
foundation, lipstick, concealer (from top to bottom)