Sunday, January 29, 2012

PRODUCT REVIEW: Pond's Cold Cream

In my last post, I talked about my face having a reaction to something and being really sensitive, so much that I had to put vaseline on my face and couldn't wear makeup. I also mentioned that I switched to using cold cream as my cleanser, and it seemed to be helping. Well it's been like a week now since using it and it really has been awesome. It kinda stinks, but it really does take ALL the makeup off your face. I was afraid to use it on my eyes, so I'm still using wipes for that but I have been using it on my under eyes and has helped with the dryness. It has made the skin on my entire face super soft, and really moist. My undereye lines are looking smaller, not that they were huge, but since my skin is SO dry I have little squint lines. The only problem I have with cold cream is the ingredients. The first one is mineral oil...not too bad but not great either. And another that stood out was DMDM hydantin...which is a form of FAMALDIHYDE!!! that's right! Embalming fluid! Thats pretty scary...I really like what it's doing to my skin, but I'm really scared of what it might to do my health. Anyone know anything about side effects???? If so let me know! I think I'm gonna look for an alternative to cold cream, maybe the clog dissolving milk from Bliss, although their triple oxygen products turned my face RED like my hair, and I had to wash it off immediately. This is supposed to get rif of blackheads...and you all know that I have that problem... ugh. The cold cream hasn't helped my blackheads at all but I havent gotten any pimples since I quit using facewash. Oh and I use really cold water on my face to close my pores now and it really does help to smooth my face. Whew this was a long review. So the verdict: I'm on the fence about Pond's Cold cream. It's been around for like 50 yrs or something so maybe it is safe. Let's hope.

Monday, January 9, 2012

addition to matrix HD red haircolor info:

I forgot to mention a few things reguarding the Matrix HD red hair color, so I'm going to talk about them for a moment. First, developer. The package does NOT give you the ratio, or volume to use. I asked my (hairstylist) sister what she recommended, and she said 20 vol. because my hair is naturally blonde and didn't need to be lifted much to get the full impact. I left the color on for about 30 minutes, and it did itch a little at first, but then went away. Even though the box recommended a strand test be done beforehand to see if there is an allergic reaction I didn't do one because I had already used the regular So Red product before and was fine. Anyway, there is also a caution that if you have a tattoo , you are more likely to have a reaction....but I have 5 and had no reaction. I used a ratio of 1:1 when mixing, which was 1.5 oz of each because my bowl that measures is hard to see the lines on. LOL. I applied the mixture from roots to mid-shaft only because I already had dry ends and didn't want them to look worse, then from mid-shaft to ends I applied the Special Effects "nuclear red" semi perm. hair color and left them on for the same amount of time. When time came to rinse I rinsed over the side of my tub, then took a shower and washed my hair with Amika Obliphica shampoo and mask. This hair color did NOT damage my hair at all! After the CHI that was a relief! My hair was actually ver shiny and soft after it dried. Like I mentioned before a couple posts ago, Amika Obliphica is AMAZING stuff. I will never ever use another brand of shampoo or conditioner again, and the oil treatment has obliphica and argan oils in it and makes your hair really strong, healthy, and keeps your color in great!It smells amazing too. I hope this helped!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

UPDATE: Matrix HD so red hair color

The last post I made was talking about my trials and errors and succeses with various red hair colors. I also said I would post pictures when I actually used the HD red haircolor from Matrix so I could give my opinion on how well it works/looks. Well, here goes:

This is the faded color after using the CHI infra high lift in red, and then an application of Pravana vivids also in red. Pretty, but very light. Next will be the after...when I used the Matrix HD so red. I have pictures in indoor lighting and also outside in the sunlight to show how it looks both ways.

The two pictures above are immediately after coloring ( I went to my work holiday party, so that"s why I"m all gussied up) the left one is in hotel lighting, and the second is Mcdonald's lighting. Looks kinda dark huh? Next is some I took today, still not washed and only 2 days colored.

It looks a heck of alot bighter outside huh? I dont know if you could see in the very first picture, but my roots were showing, and they are a medium to dark blonde, and this haircolor covered it pretty darn well. On the ends of my hair though, is special effects in nuclear red because I didnt wanna damage my my split ends any more than they are...I really need a trim. I hope this helps anyone who looks at it! If you have any questions email me!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

rosey posie....

UPDATE: Back in august I accidentally deleted the pictures from this, and a few other blog posts and could not recover them. Sorry for the inconvenience.

So I have RED hair. Its was REAlly RED, but faded to just bright red. I need it to be REDDER. I have tried chi highlift red, and it worked to lift my already dark bright red to an even brighter neon-ish red. It was very pretty, then started to wash out and totally damaged it was super healthy using the joiko deposit only in really red. It was really pretty, just not bright enough. So then my sister (who is a hairstylist) got me the chi and it lifted from the color in the picture at left( with my sexy bf nick), to this:

I really liked the color but it wasnt even all the way through.

The only issues with the chi infra high lift though, is that is is MESSY. It comes out as a paste but somehow when rinsing it stains everything...even things you didnt even know you touched. So beware! Anyways, after a acouple weeks and some very dry frizzy hair, I got some pravana vivids red and it helped recondition the frizz ball. It was beautiful though as seen in the next photo:

That is my favorite color so far, but alas...even with proper care, including a temp. haircolor mixed in my shampoo and using Amika Obliphica (which is by far the best hair product in the world for curly hair!) the red has faded again. I recently ordred some matrix HD red haircolor and as soon as i get it I will post my fab new red. I've seen so many reviews on youtube to use highlift red haircolors to get this beautiful red, but if you are naturally blonde like me, you cant use that stuff. You can only bleach and use semi-permanent color, or you can just lift the colored parts of your hair. The chi infra wasnt allowed on my scalp!Anyways, I hope this will help a fellow future bright red head-er, and if anyone has any questions hit me up! I think I am going to start making youtube videos for these things soon. Also, my sister Shannon is the fabulous lady responsible for getting me and sometimes performing these red hair colors on my head. If anyone is interested in getting some work done by here she is FANTASTIC...she is the MASTER STYLIST at the JC Penney salon in Elizabethtown, KY and you can make an appointment by calling this number: 270-765-7505. Tell her Shauna sent you!