Monday, January 9, 2012

addition to matrix HD red haircolor info:

I forgot to mention a few things reguarding the Matrix HD red hair color, so I'm going to talk about them for a moment. First, developer. The package does NOT give you the ratio, or volume to use. I asked my (hairstylist) sister what she recommended, and she said 20 vol. because my hair is naturally blonde and didn't need to be lifted much to get the full impact. I left the color on for about 30 minutes, and it did itch a little at first, but then went away. Even though the box recommended a strand test be done beforehand to see if there is an allergic reaction I didn't do one because I had already used the regular So Red product before and was fine. Anyway, there is also a caution that if you have a tattoo , you are more likely to have a reaction....but I have 5 and had no reaction. I used a ratio of 1:1 when mixing, which was 1.5 oz of each because my bowl that measures is hard to see the lines on. LOL. I applied the mixture from roots to mid-shaft only because I already had dry ends and didn't want them to look worse, then from mid-shaft to ends I applied the Special Effects "nuclear red" semi perm. hair color and left them on for the same amount of time. When time came to rinse I rinsed over the side of my tub, then took a shower and washed my hair with Amika Obliphica shampoo and mask. This hair color did NOT damage my hair at all! After the CHI that was a relief! My hair was actually ver shiny and soft after it dried. Like I mentioned before a couple posts ago, Amika Obliphica is AMAZING stuff. I will never ever use another brand of shampoo or conditioner again, and the oil treatment has obliphica and argan oils in it and makes your hair really strong, healthy, and keeps your color in great!It smells amazing too. I hope this helped!

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