Sunday, January 29, 2012

PRODUCT REVIEW: Pond's Cold Cream

In my last post, I talked about my face having a reaction to something and being really sensitive, so much that I had to put vaseline on my face and couldn't wear makeup. I also mentioned that I switched to using cold cream as my cleanser, and it seemed to be helping. Well it's been like a week now since using it and it really has been awesome. It kinda stinks, but it really does take ALL the makeup off your face. I was afraid to use it on my eyes, so I'm still using wipes for that but I have been using it on my under eyes and has helped with the dryness. It has made the skin on my entire face super soft, and really moist. My undereye lines are looking smaller, not that they were huge, but since my skin is SO dry I have little squint lines. The only problem I have with cold cream is the ingredients. The first one is mineral oil...not too bad but not great either. And another that stood out was DMDM hydantin...which is a form of FAMALDIHYDE!!! that's right! Embalming fluid! Thats pretty scary...I really like what it's doing to my skin, but I'm really scared of what it might to do my health. Anyone know anything about side effects???? If so let me know! I think I'm gonna look for an alternative to cold cream, maybe the clog dissolving milk from Bliss, although their triple oxygen products turned my face RED like my hair, and I had to wash it off immediately. This is supposed to get rif of blackheads...and you all know that I have that problem... ugh. The cold cream hasn't helped my blackheads at all but I havent gotten any pimples since I quit using facewash. Oh and I use really cold water on my face to close my pores now and it really does help to smooth my face. Whew this was a long review. So the verdict: I'm on the fence about Pond's Cold cream. It's been around for like 50 yrs or something so maybe it is safe. Let's hope.

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