Wednesday, January 4, 2012

rosey posie....

UPDATE: Back in august I accidentally deleted the pictures from this, and a few other blog posts and could not recover them. Sorry for the inconvenience.

So I have RED hair. Its was REAlly RED, but faded to just bright red. I need it to be REDDER. I have tried chi highlift red, and it worked to lift my already dark bright red to an even brighter neon-ish red. It was very pretty, then started to wash out and totally damaged it was super healthy using the joiko deposit only in really red. It was really pretty, just not bright enough. So then my sister (who is a hairstylist) got me the chi and it lifted from the color in the picture at left( with my sexy bf nick), to this:

I really liked the color but it wasnt even all the way through.

The only issues with the chi infra high lift though, is that is is MESSY. It comes out as a paste but somehow when rinsing it stains everything...even things you didnt even know you touched. So beware! Anyways, after a acouple weeks and some very dry frizzy hair, I got some pravana vivids red and it helped recondition the frizz ball. It was beautiful though as seen in the next photo:

That is my favorite color so far, but alas...even with proper care, including a temp. haircolor mixed in my shampoo and using Amika Obliphica (which is by far the best hair product in the world for curly hair!) the red has faded again. I recently ordred some matrix HD red haircolor and as soon as i get it I will post my fab new red. I've seen so many reviews on youtube to use highlift red haircolors to get this beautiful red, but if you are naturally blonde like me, you cant use that stuff. You can only bleach and use semi-permanent color, or you can just lift the colored parts of your hair. The chi infra wasnt allowed on my scalp!Anyways, I hope this will help a fellow future bright red head-er, and if anyone has any questions hit me up! I think I am going to start making youtube videos for these things soon. Also, my sister Shannon is the fabulous lady responsible for getting me and sometimes performing these red hair colors on my head. If anyone is interested in getting some work done by here she is FANTASTIC...she is the MASTER STYLIST at the JC Penney salon in Elizabethtown, KY and you can make an appointment by calling this number: 270-765-7505. Tell her Shauna sent you!

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