Sunday, January 8, 2012

UPDATE: Matrix HD so red hair color

The last post I made was talking about my trials and errors and succeses with various red hair colors. I also said I would post pictures when I actually used the HD red haircolor from Matrix so I could give my opinion on how well it works/looks. Well, here goes:

This is the faded color after using the CHI infra high lift in red, and then an application of Pravana vivids also in red. Pretty, but very light. Next will be the after...when I used the Matrix HD so red. I have pictures in indoor lighting and also outside in the sunlight to show how it looks both ways.

The two pictures above are immediately after coloring ( I went to my work holiday party, so that"s why I"m all gussied up) the left one is in hotel lighting, and the second is Mcdonald's lighting. Looks kinda dark huh? Next is some I took today, still not washed and only 2 days colored.

It looks a heck of alot bighter outside huh? I dont know if you could see in the very first picture, but my roots were showing, and they are a medium to dark blonde, and this haircolor covered it pretty darn well. On the ends of my hair though, is special effects in nuclear red because I didnt wanna damage my my split ends any more than they are...I really need a trim. I hope this helps anyone who looks at it! If you have any questions email me!

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