Tuesday, March 27, 2012

the big 2 9!!!

This past saturday was kinda special...it was my 29th birthday! I know! It feels weird to say that, but it is real. I guess I look good for my age..to me.lol. Anyways, the day started off late, we had dinner around 4 at el nopal and they have the BEST margaritias EVER BTW...my bf and his family were the only people who came to have dinner with us, my family all live farther away and some had to work. But my mom sent me a bday card with 20 bucks in it to "have a couple drinks on her". How sweet is that? So I texted her and my sister a pic of me drinking my awesome margarita so they wouldn't feel left out lol. :( So we just ate dinner then went back to my house and my friends Tiffany and mike came by and gave me a cookie cake. Then we just kinda hung out the rest of the night. It was a low key b-day, but it was still a pretty good one. Here are the only pictures I could get of anyone..no one wanted to look at the camera for some reason....I hope everyone else had a good weekend too!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Hello there. I know in my earlier posts I talked about how much I love Borba products and that they were my favorite, and I also complained about how I had blackheads and dry flaky skin all the time...coincidence? Nope. Turns out Borba was causing all of my skin issues! And I did a review on the Bare Vitamins skin revver upper back in January, saying how it was helping my blackheads go away. That was short lived. It ended up drying my poor skin out so bad that it broke out more and I had big pores and everything. UGH! I hated my face a couple months ago...but thanks to some daily research on Google, and Youtube, and the wonderful Walgreens.com, I have the best skin I've had since I was like 20! I still get an occasional pimple or two, because sometimes I am too tired after work to wash my face and I wake up with a couple. BUT here is how I turned my frown upside down:
First off I heard good things about cleansing milks...particularly Bliss clog dissolving milk. So..since I am starting to replace all of my beauty items with natural versions, I searched for a natural one and found it in Beauty Without Cruelty aromatherapy cleansing milk.
I love this stuff sooo much!!! I found it at Walgreens.com and it was around $12. I really can't believe how much this has helped my skin! I really almost have NO BLACKHEADS anymore! I maybe have like 6 now. I use these in conjunction with the Yes to cucumbers facial wipes because I need a wipe to take my eye makeup off. I'm scared of putting cleansers on my eyes, so first I use the wipe, then I use the cleansing milk as a toner sort of, and massage it onto my face, then swipe it off with a cotton ball and rinse with cold-ish water. I also use the cleansing milk as a morning face wash, it's awesome for that too. This gets every trace of makeup off my face and doesn't dry it out AT ALL! After rinsing with cool water, I pat my face dry with a towel, then apply Josie Maran's argan oil lightly over my whole face, and then a little more under my eyes and around my orbital bone...not my eyelids. I let that sink in a few minutes then use 100% cocoa butter as an eye cream....yes it can be used on your face. It actually has given me better results than ANY eye cream I have ever tried...and that's alot. I rub it a few times under my eyes..being careful not to get too close to my eye, and down to the the top of my cheekbone where I use to get flakes. Then I rub it and pat it under my eyes until its almost fully absorbed. If I feel like I'm going to need some extra moisturization from wind or cold..even though now I wont need it, I use a dab of Lush"s skin drink moisturizer on my whole face and rub it in as good as I can. And that's it! The skin drink is almost all natural, I think I will find a different one when I run out though. Since it will be warm outside now, I won't need such a rich cream, so I'm going to try one from 100% Pure..which is an amazing company that makes all their products from fruit, vegetables and essential oils! I actually have a package of some of there cosmetics coming in the mail..and I will review them when I try them out. Ok so back to this routine, I can't believe the change in my skin. People actually think I'm 21 sometimes, and I will be 29 next week! How awesome is that??? My pores have shrunk to half their size, no more blackheads,a nd my undereyes are smooth and soft again! And all of these products are very affordable, (the cocoa stick is $1.25 at the dollar store!), and they are all natural, except for the skin drink..it has propylene glycol in it..ugh.. and they work amazingly for me...I hope they work for you too, if they do let me know!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

UPDATE: Shea Moisture shampoo

Yesterday I posted about how much I love my new shampoo from Shea Moisture and how much of a difference it has made on the way my hair looks. Well, just for you (if anyone is even reading my blogs), I took the liberty of taking some before and after photos of my hair because it was wash day! I wash my hair every 3 days, I don't care if you think that's gross...it keeps it healthy and RED. well here's the before:
I'm not gonna apologize for the lack of makeup because that's my face and if you don't like it...tough shit, don't look. As you can see, its kinda messy because I hadn't brushed it and slept on it. After I washed it with the amazing shampoo, I used my obliphica conditioner, and the leave in conditioner after towel drying. I always let my hair air dry. Here are some afters:

As you can see, my hair is very bouncy and shiny now! I love this shampoo soooooo much! I also put a little makeup on before I took the afters...to give it a little more pizazz. LOL. I hope you like it!

Monday, March 5, 2012

PRODUCT REVIEW: Shea Moisture shampoo and soap

I have been looking into more natural products lately, you may have seen my post about the scary ingredients found in most beauty products, and I have found a couple I really like from a company called Shea Moisture, who have been around since 1912. Pretty impressive already huh? well the first product is Shea Moisture Organic Raw Shea Butter Moisture Retention Shampoo .

and I really really love it! It's made with 100% natural products. It is actually meant for ethnic hair, which usually tends to be very dry and brittle, but my hair is similar to that so it works great. Here is what Walgreens says about it (that's where I got it):
Hydrates, smoothes and repairs strands, leaving hair manageably soft. For dry, damaged hair. Heal, grow and strengthen.
  • Sea kelp: Trace minerals detoxify hair follicles of impurities and residue
  • Argan oil: Restores shine and rebuilds hair elasticity
  • Shea butter: Deeply moisturizes and repairs damage to hair and scalp
  • Ethically traded ingredients, sustainably produced
  • Color-safe
  • No parabens, phthalates, paraffin, gluten, propylene glycol, mineral oil, synthetic fragrance, mineral oil, synthetic fragrance, PABA, synthetic color, DEA, animal ingredients or sulfates
  • Cruelty free, no animal testing
  • Certified organic ingredients
When I first tried it in the shower, it kinda felt like i was washing my hair with conditioner...it felt kinda slippery. Then after I rinsed it out, it still felt like I had conditioner in my hair. Then I actually did put my Amika Obliphica conditioner in my hair and left it in for about 10 mins and rinsed. It felt different than after I usually rinse. I could run my fingers through my hair while it was wet! Then when I let it air dry, as I always do, my curls were bouncy, and no frizz could be detected. I fell in love. The only thing was since I didn't know how it was gonna react in my hair, I still used Amika hair oil when it was drying so it got oily the next day. With this shampoo I really don't need to use the oil as much as I had been, its VERY hydrating just like it promises. I think I found my new go to shampoo and will use it for a long time. :) Now that I've used it a few times, I know how much leave in conditioner and oil to use so it doesn't get oily for a few days, and also my color is staying alot longer which is awesome. It has actually healed my dandruff too...I get it right in the front of my head for some reason, well I used to! A+++ to this shampoo! If you have curly, dry, wavy, frizzy hair...use this stuff. It's $9.99 for a 12 0z. bottle at Walgreens.com and worth every penny.
Next product: Shea Moisture Organic Argan Oil & Raw Shea Butter Soap.

This product is a bar form of the shampoo almost...there are similar ingredients between the two anyway. It costs $4.99 at walgreens.com and is HUGE! It's an 8 oz bar and that's a great amount for the price! It has raw unrefined shea butter, and argan oil in it and is also made with alot of different oils like , Coconut Oil and , or Palm Oil , Apricot Oil, and is supposed to soften and repair dry skin. Here is my impression of it...it lathers up like a soap, but doesn't contain actual soap at all! It does kinda make you feel sticky or tacky when you first rinse it off. Kinda like the feeling of when you get deodorant on your hands and try to wash it off. But it does rinse clean after you rub it while water rinses over it. After you get out and dry yourself, your skin is AMAZINGLY SOFT, and not sticky or dry like when you use soap, and some drying body washes. Neither of these products have a smell really. It's more of an clean scent, not like "scented" soaps. Its just a faint smell, but it's nice. I still use body lotion after I shower just because I have dry skin and just because it's fine then, doesn't mean it wont dry out during trhe day. The only thing I don't care for is that it gets cracked from sitting in the shower but it still works fine so who cares? All in all, both of these products get an A++++++++ in my book. I can't wait to try the rest of their hair and body products!