Tuesday, March 27, 2012

the big 2 9!!!

This past saturday was kinda special...it was my 29th birthday! I know! It feels weird to say that, but it is real. I guess I look good for my age..to me.lol. Anyways, the day started off late, we had dinner around 4 at el nopal and they have the BEST margaritias EVER BTW...my bf and his family were the only people who came to have dinner with us, my family all live farther away and some had to work. But my mom sent me a bday card with 20 bucks in it to "have a couple drinks on her". How sweet is that? So I texted her and my sister a pic of me drinking my awesome margarita so they wouldn't feel left out lol. :( So we just ate dinner then went back to my house and my friends Tiffany and mike came by and gave me a cookie cake. Then we just kinda hung out the rest of the night. It was a low key b-day, but it was still a pretty good one. Here are the only pictures I could get of anyone..no one wanted to look at the camera for some reason....I hope everyone else had a good weekend too!