Sunday, April 29, 2012

Matrix SoColor HD red haircolor PICTORIAL!!!! (also, Special Effects nuclear red)

UPDATE: Back in august I accidentally deleted all the pictures from this and a few other blog posts an could not recover them. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Ok, every week I look at my stats here on the blog and I've come to a one cares about anything I post besides the haircolor. So...I decided since it's been a month since I colored it and it had FADED, it was time to do a tutorial on it because I need to re-color anyway. And since my camera does not live long enough to make a hair color video (i tried), I decided to do a pictorial..which is a tutorial using photos instead of videos. I just touched up my roots using the Matrix SoColor HD Red, and then used the special effects on top of the root color and to the ends, so basically slathered it over my whole head. I hope you enjoy this "pictorial. :)
developer ( I use 20 vol)
a bowl, a tint brush, and gloves. ( all can be found a Sally beauty supply)

                                               your haircolor of course! Here I have the So red HD, and color sync red booster, both by Matrix
1/2 color sync red booster
1/2 oz matrix So Red Hd haircolor
You will begin by measuring out you developer first into your bowl, it is a 1:1 ratio of hair color to developer in this case, so you will use 1 oz of developer. Since I am using a red booster along with my hair color I will use a 1/2 oz of each to make the other ounce to mix with the developer. It should look like this:

Now you will take the tint brush into the bowl and mix it all up like this!
Now you need to section off your hair to make it easier to get all of your roots really good.
poorly sectioned hair
Now you can beging to apply to you roots, you start either the front or the back. I like to start from the back and work my way forward becasue my hair is lighter naturally in the front and needs less time to process. Here is what it will look like once you've covered ALL OF THE DESIRED ROOT AREA:
Please excuse the giant red mark on my chin, I had a monster zit that left a mark there. buh! Being pale has is drawbacks! Anyways....allow that to process for 30 minutes then rinse and wash with your favorite shampoo ( I used Shea Moisture argan and raw shea shampoo, my favorite EVER!)  making sure you get all the residue off your scalp. DO NOT USE CONDITIONER YET. You will need to let your hair dry before moving on to the special effects haircolor, and conditioner will prevent the color from grabbing onto your hair as well as it should.  Here is what my hair looked like after I washed and air- dried.
Lovely isn't it? My nice orange faded hair and beautiful bright red roots. lol. Now that your hair is nice and dry you can apply your Special Effects in nuclear red...or whatever red you prefer!
Just pour some into the washed and dried mixing bowl that you used for the So red...if you didn't wash yours take the time to do that now. Ready? Alright just section off your hair like before and saturate ALL of your hair this time, even your roots that you just colored...this will make the color more even. Here is my hair with the special effect color on it.
Now Just leave it on for as long as you want, I left mine on for about 2 hours. This time when you rinse your hair, make sure you use very cool water. The hotter the water, the faster the red will wash out! Now you may use conditioner! I used Amika Obliphica hair mask. Then just dry and style as usual! Here is my hair air dried with Amika Obliphica leave in conditioner rubbed all through my hair:

 TA DAAAAAA!!! You are done! I hope this pictorial will help you find yourself with the vibrant red hair you want! I know this is my perfect hair color, and maybe it's yours too! Please comment if you have any questions about where I buy any of my products, or anything and have a great day! :)

AFTER (immediately after coloring)


shookanuca said...

I should also say that if your hair is naturally dark and you are coloring just your roots like I did, you will need a higher vol developer. My hair is naturally medium/ dark blonde so I use the 20 vol developer on my ROOTS only. The rest of my color is semi permanent.

Heather Bicknell said...

Hey there! Stumbled across this blog while browsing google images for sored. I am a cosmetologist, guessing you are too by access to matrix product? Anyway, I was wondering which tone of the hd series you are using here, is it hd rr? Rv?
I tried a similar technique with my hair but used SOred R with red booster turned out good but was a bit too bright, but I have a hard time trusting how bright hd will go. Anyway, your hair is beautiful!

shookanuca said...

Hey! No I am not a cosmetologist, but my sister is. I also got some of my hair color from ebay. I used the hd red or rr tone and also the color sync booster in red. My hair was way brighter in person than in pictures because of the special effects color, which is what I wanted :) but before I applied that the color was just kinda bright. I hope that helps and thank you for the compliment!

Miozoty Burd said...

I bought 2 in 1 booster red how do I use this. My hair is red but I wanna get it to a red violt so I bought the 2 in 1 booster red and hd red violet by matrix

shookanuca said...

What I did was use a 1:1 ratio. 1oz developer, with 1/2 oz of the hd red violet mixed with 1/2 oz of the booster.

Jamie Briggs said...

I am a cometologist if it is a 2 in 1 then you dont need developer in it its already there

shookanuca said...

Thanks! I don't use it anymore but I'm sure that will be helpful :)