Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Since I went natural.....

I have decided that since I have been switching all of my beauty products over to the natural side, and found some AMAZING  products that are even better than the toxic ones I used for years, that I will start making "favorites" videos or posts...which ever I feel like that day. I have definately become an ingredients snob, not choosing a product because of 1 lousy ingredient. Theres always that 1 that ruins it for everyone lol. Anyway, I have found an awesome natural deodorant recently that I am still testing out. It's been 3 days since I started using it, but I'm going to give it like 2 weeks before I blog about it. That should be long enough for my body to detox from regular anti-perspirant and get all the gunk out of my pores. This is the second natural one I've tried, the other being a crystal roll on that burned my pits when I applied it. I used it once...and immediately wiped it off. I did not enjoy it...and it had good reviews too. Maybe my body is just weird! I have also came across an all natural sunless tanner that I bought but haven't tried yet because  I have been busy lately moving into the new house that my boyfriend and I just BOUGHT! I feel like a grownup! Ok, back to the products. I think I'm going to test the sunless tanner this weekend now that I have time to, and I will take pictures and then tell you guys my opinion and show the before and after pictures. As you know if you've ever read my blog, I am super pale. I am the lightest foundation shade they make in most brands..but lately, (since I have a back yard now), I have been outside alot with my dog and have gotten a tiny amount of color on my arms and legs. So now my limbs are off white whlie my face and clothed areas remain white white. Sooooo...I believe the sunless tanner is making it's debut! I also bought a coffee body scrub that is supposed to help boost circulation ( and help cellulite and varicose veins, which I have both of sadly), but I just got that in the mail and haven't used either. I also ordered some Medusa's makeup eye dust in 7 colors, and I just tried out the purple as eyeliner today and LOVE it! I will review that soon as well. Whew! That was alot of typing! Now that I've told you about the products, the next step is to actually show them to you....so that's what I'll do! In the next week anyway. Thanks for stopping by, and I'll see ya soon peeps that actually read these ramblings I call blogs. Hey I would like to know if anyone IS actually reading them...please leave a comment if you are...it can just be smashing your fist on the keyboard for all I care! Ok I'm really leaving this time! BYE!

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