Tuesday, June 19, 2012

UPDATE: Nature's Brands products

So I ordered a few samples the other day from a company called Nature's Brands, and a couple posts ago I had said I was going to be ordering these products, and would review them once they arrived...that time is now! There actually a few divisions of Nature's Brands. The two I ordered from were Bella Mari mineral makeup, and Herbal Choice Mari (skin and haircare). There are also vitamins and things and each one has their own website but they are all linked together...it's kinda weird! So anyway I ordered a sample of the moisturizing foundation, concealer, herbal face cleanser, and some lipstick. I got the samples today and I was so excited because it had only been like 3 days since I ordered it, (it came all the way from Texas.) Impressive! I opened them up and swatched all the makeups on my hand,,, to see if I wold have a reaction with any of them. I really am not sure if I did on my face, because I sometimes get this dry red patch on my cheek, and I got it today, but I can't say for sure it was the makeup.  I ended up trying them out on my face tonight at work. I have not tried the cleanser yet though, I'll keep you posted.


 Back to the review....the foundation came in a teeny little white plastic jar that had a sticker on the lid telling you what it was, and the concealer and lipstick came in a little clear container like mineral eye shadows, and they are all really small. But being 1.00, they were pretty good sizes lol.The cleanser came in a glass pump bottle and was 1 oz i think...maybe 1/2 oz. The foundation has a really weird smell...like herbs and oranges. It kinda stinks. This company is a holistic company and everything is made of herbs...hence the stench. The cleanser had a really herbal smell too, I actually don't even think I am going to be able to use it because of that. The concealer smells too, but not herbally, it's more like an oil smell....like jojoba, or sunflower oil, and the lipstick smells like lipstick. SO I wiped my face with my yes to cucumbers wipes after my shower, put  some argan oil on my clean face, then the moisturizing foundation. It goes on like a moisturizer and is a medium coverage on me, and smelled like oranges. I put it all over my face and was pretty impressed with the coverage.  The texture was a little like a thick tinted moisturizer and it felt kinda like a cream on my face. Then I put the concealer under my eyes and on the sides of my nose, but it's the same problem I had with the earth's beauty concealer..it's really hard in the pot.


 I rubbed my finger all around in there til some came out and I warmed it on my hand before tapping it onto my face. This stuff, I am convinced, would cover a tattoo! It's sooooo opaque! I had really really light under eyes after that. And it doesn't work for my skin type either, which I am not surprised by now. It is very drying on me especially after trying to blend it. I ended up having to do my usual thing and pat some argan oil over my face on top of my makeup to plump my skin back up, and after that it looked pretty good. Great coverage! The lipstick was a color called pink pizazz which is supposed to be a hot pink looking color, but it was just  a bright pink. It was still pretty though.

 I put some on over my lip balm so it was kinda sheer and it was very pretty, like my lips only better. As the night goes by, I start to feel my cheeks and nose drying out, so I rub my cocoa butter stick on it and it helps,  but I am thinking that this foundation or concealer, or the combo isn't going to work out. DANGET! I really wanted this to work. I was really excited about these products because the entire line of Nature's Brands is COMPLETELY natural, widcrafted and organic stuff. I think I am going to give the foundation another shot over my 100% pure tinted moisturizer...yea I know I said I wasn't going to use it anymore because Of the ingredients I found, but I am broke and can't afford to replace it now so I gotta just deal with it til I can. I will either video the products to show you, or I will take some pictures to add to this post tomorrow, aaaannnd I will give it another shot and see if it works with a different moisturizer. See Ya!!!!
foundation, lipstick, concealer (from top to bottom)

Monday, June 11, 2012

Another natural product oasis...

I just found an awesome website that sells COMPLETEY natural products...makeup to skincare to hair color..(.but it's henna so I won't be using that!). I read ALL of the ingredients, and theres not a grapefruit or a honey suckle, or any kind of strange chemical in sight! And the reason I found it was because I was searching for an organic MOISTURIZING foundation, because all the samples I find and try are so sticky that I can't spread them on my face. My skin is super dry on my face no matter how much I moisturize, and it's hard for me to find a makeup that doesn't dry it out by the end of the day. The one I found on this website ( http://www.tobenatural.com/) is actually called moisturizing foundation. The "brand name for the makeup is Bella Mari, and the skincare is Mari herbal choice...I think. And it's specifically for dry or mature skin. The also have shampoos and alot of other stuff. I think I will try samples from this site first, then zosimos botanicals since they are both pretty awesome. That's all I got! BYE!!!!!

UPDATE: June 19, 2012

As I do more research for "healthy" cosmetics as I like to say, I find more and more great thingas I wanna try! I found this comoany called Renaud Naturals last night and I believe that I will be trying them next. Evry product they make looks amazing, and even some of their products are pigmneted with fruits and vegetables like 100% Pure! There is no ingredient list on their page, but I think I am going to email them and ask for one....maybe. I really am looking forward to this company's products, and I like the values they have. :)

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Beauty product heaven!

So, I was browsing the internet for good organic beauty products, and then on the skin deep website (http://www.ewg.org/skindeep/) and came across a company called Zosimos Botanicals. They carry everything you can imagine for beauty. Except haircolor, which is the only thing I can't seem to find that has no bad stuff in it...anyway, I think I may be in love with this company! I got on facebook and looked them up and they have great reviews, and fan photos of their products, and the ingredients are amazing! I will definitley be buying some samples soon because they have like a million things in trial sizes. OOOOOOOOh my gosh I'm excited. Ok that's all I wanted to say...BYE! Have a great day, or night! Oh yea heres their website if you wanna check em' out:

UPDATE: June 9th, 2012

I have just found another website that has USDA organic products and I am planning on trying their shampoo. It is called Nature's Paradise Organics. Check em' out here:

Sunday, June 3, 2012

PRODUCT REVIEW!!!! Nourish Almond Vanilla organic deodorant!

I have pretty much switched all of my beauty products to natural ones since the beginning of 2012, and the most recent product for me was deodorant. I usually use secret, or suave deodorant/ anti- perspirant, but since I've been reading about ingredients in everything, I found out that almost all anti-persoirants have really bad chemicals in them, and can even cause alzheimers! There are some ingredients you need to look out for: 
"Aluminum chlorohydrate, aluminum zirconium tetrachlorohydrex gly or any aluminum compounds. Aluminum is absorbed through the skin and accumulates in the body. It has been suggested that there is an association between aluminum and Alzheimer’s disease.

Parabens (methyl, ethyl, propyl, benzyl and butyl), are all derived from toluene, a toxic petrochemical derivative. Toluene is toxic if swallowed or inhaled. It is also harmful in contact with the skin. There is some evidence that repeated exposure to toluene may cause reproductive harm. Since 2000, 13 research studies have shown that various types of parabens act like estrogen in animals and in tissue culture. Estrogen is known to drive the growth of cancerous cells."- dyingtolookgood.com

Pretty scary stuff! Who would have thought just trying to make your arm pits more tolerable to smell could be so dangerous???? So, I looked around all over the internet, and even tried some natural deodorant I found in Meijer, the crystal roll on, which burned when I rolled it on and had to wipe off immediately, but I finally found a natural, ORGANIC  deodorant that I really really like. It is NOT an anti-perspirant. Those are bad. It is simply a deodorant to help with body odor and smells like ice cream (to me anyway!) This product is from a company called "Nourish Organic food for healthy skin", and they are just awesome! I don't really know how I found them, but I was just browsing around online and did, and I believe they sell their products at some whole foods, but I have never been to one to find out lol. Anyway, this company has some awesome values, and they are certified organic, cruelty free, vegan, gluten free, and all of their packaging is made with  25% post-consumer recycled content, and everything is recyclable. How cool is that? They have more products than just awesome deodorant. The have body creams, butters,  washes, hand washes, and a scrub, and I think they make skincare too but I couldn't tell you where to find it bacuase it isn't on their website. Back to the review! My order that I placed back at the beginning of may was just for the Almond Vanilla deodorant, and the price is $7.99 and shipping was supposed to be $5 but there was some sort of error and I was charged $9.97 by mistake. That was something I did not enjoy, but eventually they emailed me and refunded the full shipping price! That was awesome of them to do, and I really liked that they have customer service like that. So when I recieved my package it came in a little white box with the Nourish logo on the outside, and my deodorant, a little card telling me about the body cream and a photocopy of a hand written message was inside:

Now this deodorant is a little different than the ones most people use.  Since it is not an anti-perspirant, you still sweat while wearing it. You will feel wetness in your pits if you are being physical, or in the heat, but you won't stink! I wear it everyday while working out, and while working, and I rarely smell anything at all in my pits. Maybe if I hadn't showered before work will I smell myself, but that's rare. They offer different scents other than almond vanilla,such as fresh fig, pure unscented, wild berries, and lavender mint. I chose almond vanilla because I love the smell of vanilla on anything. MMMMMM it really does smell like ice cream to me! The ingredients are really awesome too: organic coconut oil, organic beeswax, organic corn starch,organic cocoa butter, organic shea butter, organic saccharomyces ferment, organic fragrance. Since it is made of such moisturizing ingredients, it goes on very creamy, almost balm like. It feels very smooth on your skin too. I used to get razor bumps after shaving with regualr anti- perspirant, and I also had a hard time getting my armpits clean in the shower because it would just be all crumbly and weird from the anti perspirant but that doesn't happen anymore! My armpits are really soft, and smooth now and come clean easily in the shower. This stuff is amazing and I can't wait to try the rest of their products!

almond vanilla deodorant 2.2 0z

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Well, that's all I have on this product, but I really love it and I hope some of you will try it out, and look them up on their website at nourishusda.com and read their story, it is really neat and they are a great company! BYE!!! 

PRODUCT REVIEW!!!!!! Medusa's Makeup Eyed dust!

 Yay! I finally got around to doing this review after a couple weeks of owning seven of these lovely eye dusts. I really like the ones I have, so I'm pretty sure I will like the other colors they offer, which is 48 VERY PIGMENTED colors! I bought six dusts, and the "primer" for them which is called stick it. Let's start with the eye dust first. I bought one from every color range except the black/ white because I never wear either of those. I haven't used the stick it yet, because the dusts go on really well over top my 100% pure satin eyeshadow, so that is what I've been using instead. Now, the reason I bought these eye dusts instead of regular eyeshadows from Medusa is because the loose pigments are pure minerals, a.k.a. natural. The pressed eyeshadows and pretty much all of their eye products contain parabens among other nasties. The eye dusts, and the face powders and body shimmers are all pure minerals and are natural, so feel free to buy those, unless you don't care about the chemicals you put in your body, then by all means try all their products because they are all really pretty. Anywho....here we go with the review. I really like these eye dusts. They are SO pigmented and bright and just sooo pretty. You get quite a bit in the little jar too, and it comes PACKED FULL of product! You will have these babies for life! I think the actual jar is 2 grams, but you get 1.7 grams of product in the jar for only $7.00 which I think is great! Here are the colors I got: Rising Sun( is really gold but is shown to be a pinky gold on their website), Coral Reef (reddish color), Soilent Green( very beautiful bright green, kinda like teal green), Blue Balls( very bright blue), Fascination( bright purple), and  Barbarella( beautiful light shimmery purple). I have worn all of these colors except for Coral Reef so far because I haven't really found a reason to wear red eyeshadow lately but I will! When my order arrived it came in this yellow air bubble line envelope, and came with a brochure of all of Medus'as products, a cool sticker with their logo, and of course, my eye dusts.



all the stuff inside!

barbarella, rising sun, stick it

blue balls, soilent green, coral reef, and fascination
Now for the swatches and stuff! I will show what they look like in the container and swatched. Now for some reason on my camera, certain colors look a little different than they do in person, so I'm sorry if they look a little off. Let's start with my favorite one: Soilent green!

soilent green
Look how beautiful it is!

blue balls

rising sun

coral reef


stick it


 Now that you have seen what they look like alone, here you can see just how great they go on, I used a slightly damp eyeshadow brush to swatch these because I wanted you to see just how bright they can get after just one swipe.

with flash
coral reef,rising sun,fascination, barbarella,blue balls, soilent green

without flash

They are still just as bright without the flash as they were with it! I do not have a swatch of stick it because it goes on the same shade as my skin and wouldn't show up on camera. Well that does it for this review! I hope I persuaded some of you to go out and try these awesome eye dusts for yourselves, and they are only $7 so you can't beat that! I do have a couple pictures of me waering the blue balls, soilent green, rising sun, and barbarella together, but I will post them another time, maybe I can do some looks with them or something.  Have a great day!, hope you liked it!