Monday, June 11, 2012

Another natural product oasis...

I just found an awesome website that sells COMPLETEY natural to skincare to hair color..(.but it's henna so I won't be using that!). I read ALL of the ingredients, and theres not a grapefruit or a honey suckle, or any kind of strange chemical in sight! And the reason I found it was because I was searching for an organic MOISTURIZING foundation, because all the samples I find and try are so sticky that I can't spread them on my face. My skin is super dry on my face no matter how much I moisturize, and it's hard for me to find a makeup that doesn't dry it out by the end of the day. The one I found on this website ( is actually called moisturizing foundation. The "brand name for the makeup is Bella Mari, and the skincare is Mari herbal choice...I think. And it's specifically for dry or mature skin. The also have shampoos and alot of other stuff. I think I will try samples from this site first, then zosimos botanicals since they are both pretty awesome. That's all I got! BYE!!!!!

UPDATE: June 19, 2012

As I do more research for "healthy" cosmetics as I like to say, I find more and more great thingas I wanna try! I found this comoany called Renaud Naturals last night and I believe that I will be trying them next. Evry product they make looks amazing, and even some of their products are pigmneted with fruits and vegetables like 100% Pure! There is no ingredient list on their page, but I think I am going to email them and ask for one....maybe. I really am looking forward to this company's products, and I like the values they have. :)

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