Sunday, June 3, 2012

PRODUCT REVIEW!!!!!! Medusa's Makeup Eyed dust!

 Yay! I finally got around to doing this review after a couple weeks of owning seven of these lovely eye dusts. I really like the ones I have, so I'm pretty sure I will like the other colors they offer, which is 48 VERY PIGMENTED colors! I bought six dusts, and the "primer" for them which is called stick it. Let's start with the eye dust first. I bought one from every color range except the black/ white because I never wear either of those. I haven't used the stick it yet, because the dusts go on really well over top my 100% pure satin eyeshadow, so that is what I've been using instead. Now, the reason I bought these eye dusts instead of regular eyeshadows from Medusa is because the loose pigments are pure minerals, a.k.a. natural. The pressed eyeshadows and pretty much all of their eye products contain parabens among other nasties. The eye dusts, and the face powders and body shimmers are all pure minerals and are natural, so feel free to buy those, unless you don't care about the chemicals you put in your body, then by all means try all their products because they are all really pretty. we go with the review. I really like these eye dusts. They are SO pigmented and bright and just sooo pretty. You get quite a bit in the little jar too, and it comes PACKED FULL of product! You will have these babies for life! I think the actual jar is 2 grams, but you get 1.7 grams of product in the jar for only $7.00 which I think is great! Here are the colors I got: Rising Sun( is really gold but is shown to be a pinky gold on their website), Coral Reef (reddish color), Soilent Green( very beautiful bright green, kinda like teal green), Blue Balls( very bright blue), Fascination( bright purple), and  Barbarella( beautiful light shimmery purple). I have worn all of these colors except for Coral Reef so far because I haven't really found a reason to wear red eyeshadow lately but I will! When my order arrived it came in this yellow air bubble line envelope, and came with a brochure of all of Medus'as products, a cool sticker with their logo, and of course, my eye dusts.



all the stuff inside!

barbarella, rising sun, stick it

blue balls, soilent green, coral reef, and fascination
Now for the swatches and stuff! I will show what they look like in the container and swatched. Now for some reason on my camera, certain colors look a little different than they do in person, so I'm sorry if they look a little off. Let's start with my favorite one: Soilent green!

soilent green
Look how beautiful it is!

blue balls

rising sun

coral reef


stick it


 Now that you have seen what they look like alone, here you can see just how great they go on, I used a slightly damp eyeshadow brush to swatch these because I wanted you to see just how bright they can get after just one swipe.

with flash
coral reef,rising sun,fascination, barbarella,blue balls, soilent green

without flash

They are still just as bright without the flash as they were with it! I do not have a swatch of stick it because it goes on the same shade as my skin and wouldn't show up on camera. Well that does it for this review! I hope I persuaded some of you to go out and try these awesome eye dusts for yourselves, and they are only $7 so you can't beat that! I do have a couple pictures of me waering the blue balls, soilent green, rising sun, and barbarella together, but I will post them another time, maybe I can do some looks with them or something.  Have a great day!, hope you liked it!

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