Tuesday, June 19, 2012

UPDATE: Nature's Brands products

So I ordered a few samples the other day from a company called Nature's Brands, and a couple posts ago I had said I was going to be ordering these products, and would review them once they arrived...that time is now! There actually a few divisions of Nature's Brands. The two I ordered from were Bella Mari mineral makeup, and Herbal Choice Mari (skin and haircare). There are also vitamins and things and each one has their own website but they are all linked together...it's kinda weird! So anyway I ordered a sample of the moisturizing foundation, concealer, herbal face cleanser, and some lipstick. I got the samples today and I was so excited because it had only been like 3 days since I ordered it, (it came all the way from Texas.) Impressive! I opened them up and swatched all the makeups on my hand,,, to see if I wold have a reaction with any of them. I really am not sure if I did on my face, because I sometimes get this dry red patch on my cheek, and I got it today, but I can't say for sure it was the makeup.  I ended up trying them out on my face tonight at work. I have not tried the cleanser yet though, I'll keep you posted.


 Back to the review....the foundation came in a teeny little white plastic jar that had a sticker on the lid telling you what it was, and the concealer and lipstick came in a little clear container like mineral eye shadows, and they are all really small. But being 1.00, they were pretty good sizes lol.The cleanser came in a glass pump bottle and was 1 oz i think...maybe 1/2 oz. The foundation has a really weird smell...like herbs and oranges. It kinda stinks. This company is a holistic company and everything is made of herbs...hence the stench. The cleanser had a really herbal smell too, I actually don't even think I am going to be able to use it because of that. The concealer smells too, but not herbally, it's more like an oil smell....like jojoba, or sunflower oil, and the lipstick smells like lipstick. SO I wiped my face with my yes to cucumbers wipes after my shower, put  some argan oil on my clean face, then the moisturizing foundation. It goes on like a moisturizer and is a medium coverage on me, and smelled like oranges. I put it all over my face and was pretty impressed with the coverage.  The texture was a little like a thick tinted moisturizer and it felt kinda like a cream on my face. Then I put the concealer under my eyes and on the sides of my nose, but it's the same problem I had with the earth's beauty concealer..it's really hard in the pot.


 I rubbed my finger all around in there til some came out and I warmed it on my hand before tapping it onto my face. This stuff, I am convinced, would cover a tattoo! It's sooooo opaque! I had really really light under eyes after that. And it doesn't work for my skin type either, which I am not surprised by now. It is very drying on me especially after trying to blend it. I ended up having to do my usual thing and pat some argan oil over my face on top of my makeup to plump my skin back up, and after that it looked pretty good. Great coverage! The lipstick was a color called pink pizazz which is supposed to be a hot pink looking color, but it was just  a bright pink. It was still pretty though.

 I put some on over my lip balm so it was kinda sheer and it was very pretty, like my lips only better. As the night goes by, I start to feel my cheeks and nose drying out, so I rub my cocoa butter stick on it and it helps,  but I am thinking that this foundation or concealer, or the combo isn't going to work out. DANGET! I really wanted this to work. I was really excited about these products because the entire line of Nature's Brands is COMPLETELY natural, widcrafted and organic stuff. I think I am going to give the foundation another shot over my 100% pure tinted moisturizer...yea I know I said I wasn't going to use it anymore because Of the ingredients I found, but I am broke and can't afford to replace it now so I gotta just deal with it til I can. I will either video the products to show you, or I will take some pictures to add to this post tomorrow, aaaannnd I will give it another shot and see if it works with a different moisturizer. See Ya!!!!
foundation, lipstick, concealer (from top to bottom)


BethanyBug said...

What shade in the concealer did you get?

Shauna said...

I got the light shade.in the concealer, and in the foundation too I think.