Monday, August 6, 2012

Blog makeover.

HHHHeeey again! Just in case you didn't notice, I just gave my blog a makeover. I deleted all of my old posts about non-organic/natural makeup and skincare products, because I do not use those things anymore and want to just focus on the natural stuff I am using now. I changed my layout and template to something a little more simple. It seems like more people enjoy reading blogs on a plain white background, with no muss or fuss to get in the way of the thing they are trying to read about. Let me know what you think of the new layout!I have ALOT more reviews and blog posts to come, but I think I will only be able to upload videos for reviews and for my youtube channel, on the weekends. I will still be posting on here during the week and I have been trying out a few things I am really excited to share with you! Some are beauty related, and some are health related, which are my two favorite subjects. :) OOh and I think I may doing a tutorial on how to curl your hair to look like natural curls...cause I can do that. See ya later!

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