Monday, August 6, 2012

Healthy food haul.

Hey everybody! I'm am here to show you what I got at Trader Joe's today...and one thing I already had from Kroger, but still wanted to show you. goes. My friend Kaitlyn introduced me to trader joes I think back in May of this year, and I immediately fell in love! It is the only one we have here I think and it's only about 20 minutes from where I live, so after a couple of months of bothering my boyfriend to go( because I knew he'd like it!), we finally went over the weekend...and he loved it. Ha! So he said he wanted to start shopping there regularly, and today was the first time. I only had an hour to get food so we didn't really get alot, but I'm really excited about some of the stuff we did get. Guacamole hummus anyone???When I saw that I HAD to get it! Two of my favorite things in one! I am like a guacamole freak..and I just got my bf liking hummus, so this is awesome for both of us. I had to break into it immediately after we got home, and it is just as amazing as I hoped it would be....I think I'm in love. Avacados are one of the healthies foods on the planet, and are amazing for your eyes, heart, cancer prevention and also help lower your cholesterol. And did I mention delicious?

 One of the other things we got that was mostly for me was dark chocolate almonds with sea salt and turbinado sugar. mmmmmmmmmmm, This was the first thing I ate when leaving the store. I was SO HUNGRY before we even left, so I had to snack on something right? These ones are amazing. Sweet( but not too sweet), salty...kinda tastes like a chocolate covered pretzel, only way better for you!

Almond milk. This is the only milk I drink. In interest of living healthier, I am trying to omit dairy from my diet. There are just too many reasons to explain why...just google it. The only dairy product I eat is just can't replace cheese. So I just limit my cheese intake. Anyway, I usually by Almond breeze almond milk from Kroger for $2.69, and at Trader Joe's, it is $1.99!! WTF Kroger??? The Trader Joe's brand is $1.69, and has fewer ingredients so I ended up getting 3 boxes.

Condiments is next. I like ketchup, and jelly and syrup just like anybody else, but trying to be haelthy limits what you can get at the regular grocery store, at least where I live. But today I found a few alternatives to the chemical laiden condiments and I am pretty happy with them.
ORGANICIS THE WAY TO GO. Also, look for the one that has the fewest ingredients,a nd no  high fructose corn syrup. I love pb& j, so this organic fruit spread is going to bring them back into my life! I have not had one in a long time due to not being able to find a quality jelly without chemicals, but this one is pretty damn good! The ketchup too. And I like to make protein pancakes for breakfast and you GOTTA HAVE 100% MAPLE SYRUP. You just got too.

Sugar is another thing I have a problem with. Refined sugar is sooooo unbeleivably bad for you. But at my house we LOVE coffe, and we like sugar and creamer in it. I switched to SO Delicious coconut milk creamer and that's pretty good, but I have been trying stevia and...bluh. It's not good in coffee. So...turbinado sugar will do. It is a wholesome sweetener, and
it is lower in calories since it tends to hold more moisture. Turbinado sugar isn't processed as much as white sugar, so it is healthier for you.

                                                              Another sweetener I reallty like is honey. I usually buy organic honey, but today I just got this cute little bear. It was a little cheaper, and Trader Joe's says on their website that they don't carry GMO products, so I guess it will be ok...for now!

And lastly, this is the one item I already had form Kroger. We have this isle at my store that has discounted food and other items for DIRT CHEAP! And alot of the things are organic and healthy foods, so I've been getting to try alot of things I wouldn't have before due to the price. These chips were $.25. Yup. A QUARTER. And I didn't know if I'd like them at first but ended up loving them.

My friend ate some that I brought to work and loved them so much she bought like 6 bags! The are whole root vegetables, cut into chips, and kettle cooked. In  1 oz, there is a serving of veggies! So even though they are fried, they are done so in a healthier oil and you are still getting a full serving of veggies. Cool huh? Well, that's all the stuff I got to show you. I hope you enjoyed looking at my food as much as I will enjoy eating it. ByyyEEE!

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