Sunday, September 9, 2012

Ohsudz blemish cover up (Etsy)

Hey everyone! Hope your weekend was pleasant! Mine was because I got this concealer in the mail...and it's amazing. It is called "blemish cover up" and is from a store on Etsy called Ohsudz and was only $9.00!! And it works better than ANY concealer I've ever tried before...the milkfancy concealer turned out to be terrible. It dried up inside the container somehow and I tossed it out. The Gabriel colour concealer matches my skin but flakes away when you blend it, and the Geo girl concealer has some questionable ingredients in it, so when I ran out of it I started searching for an "all natural" replacement...and ladies and gentleman....I found it. First off I will tell you what the description on the store says:
"This is the best coverup for acne, and is opaque enough to cover acne scars. Creamy and easy to apply, with great coverage.This formula glides right on,evenly, no streaks, great pigment, and great coverage for acne scars."
side view

top view

hand swatch

Ok, now your probably thinking, yea right. Lots of concealers claim that . But this one actually told the truth...GASP! I know I was blown away by the quality of this concealer. It goes on INCREDIBLY easy, and really is very opaque. I used it the afternoon it came, and went out shopping, along with my Sanre radiant glow tinted moisturizer. My face really looked clear and even. I had been having breakouts the past few weeks, and since it is cleared up, all that is left is little red acne marks on my chin (just a few) but this really made them disappear! It also goes on very creamy under the eyes and blends you aren't wearing any makeup at all. I have very dry skin so usually concealers tend to settle in my creases of my eyes and leave flaky patches as my skin dehydrates throughout the day, but this is so moisturizing that I don't have any problems whatsoever. I got the light shade which is kinda hard to match most of the time because it always seems to pink...but this matches my skin perfectly. I really can't say enough about it, you will just have to try it for yourself to see the wonderfullness of it. It really is amazing. Long story short, the ingredients are FANTASTIC, the coverage is AMAZING, and it is very reasonably priced... it's pretty much perfect and I will use it as a staple in my beauty routine from now on! Hope you liked this review and if you try this concealer, let me know how much you loved it because there's no way you can't!!! See ya next time :)

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