Thursday, December 13, 2012

Holistic Apothecary toothpaste (etsy)

Hey guys! If you follow me on youtube, you have already seen me say I was going to do a review on this toothpaste, so as promised, here it is! First off, when I decided to go natural, I discovered that etsy was the absolute best resource for natural beauty products. They literally sell any beauty item you want, from makeup to toothpaste...and it is usually organic AND for a great price. I love love love etsy, and that's why I do a lot of reviews of etsy products. This one I also found there, because the only thing I am having a hard time finding a natural alternative for is toothpaste. The requirements for the toothpaste I will use are these:

NO glycerin! glycerine coats your teeth and keeps them from remineralizing , and as someone who has had their share of fillings, I'm not in the market for that. Whats the point of trying to eat healthy and get all my nutrients, if my teeth aren't going to get any of them? ALL the natural toothpastes I've seen online contain glycerin.

NO fluoride! I had no idea of the dangers of this scary ingredient until I started looking for a health toothpaste! Flouride is linked to cancer, it damages your nervous system, and if you consume to much of it, it will cause your teeth to get discolored and CRUMBLE! Yikes! And that's not all the effects of fluoride. I like my teeth and my no thanks!

NO sulfates! sulfates are essentially detergents. They dry out the membranes inside your mouth by removing the natural oil and cause canker sores,and  chapped lips. Also they mimic estrogen inside your body, and that can cause disrupton of your hormones.

So those are the main issues I have been finding inside of "natural" toothpastes. There are a ton more ingredients to avoid in toothpaste, but while I can find toothpastes without these other bad things, I can't seem to avoid these three. Until I found the Holistic Apothecary toothpaste. It has just 3 ingredients. Organic virgin coconut oil, organic peppermint essential oil, and baking soda. Wow. What a short list! Both coconut oil, and peppermint oil are anti bacterial to protect your mouth from bacteria, and baking soda scrubs them clean and whitens, and makes your mouth alkaline to prevent cavities. I think I paid $7.00 for this 1 0z jar...which is kinda expensive...but the ingredients were worth it to me. Also, you hardly need any on your brush to get your whole mouth clean. While this toothpaste DOES clean my teeth really well, I do have a couple isues with it.
1. it is really salty. the baking soda is the only flavor you taste...pure salt.
2. it doen't foam, so it is kind of weird to get used to
3. the coconut oil leaves your teeth with a slick feel, but it also makes them super smooth
BUT I think the clean minty feeling, and nice smooth teeth outweigh the salty taste and weird smooth texture. This is the only natural toothpaste I have tried so far, and I am going to keep trying others, but it's pretty good. I did try essential oxygen mouthrinse and it made my teeth really sensitive so if you have sensitive teeth I don't recommend it. What's your favorite natural toothpaste? I would love some recommendations! Thanks for stopping by!


vanessa hoey said...

I am also on the hunt for a great toothpaste with the same ingredients excluded as you. What I've found is that you basically need to use a soap based tooth paste. I tried Dr. Bronners in peppermint which was good. The peppermint oil almost numbed my mouth so I couldn't taste the soap. The youtuber iluvjesse444 feels differently so it might vary by person. I have also tried the brand tooth soap in the whipped variety which I liked. It is expensive unless you get a bogo. Currently I am trying eastepaste which is clay based. I am not sure how abrasive the clay is used daily but I do like it. I am also waiting for an order from Rose of Sharon Acres who makes a tooth soap with zylitol. I'm hoping it will taste even better than the other types of soap I have used to brush my teeth so far. The zylitol tastes sweet so... Maybe try one of those? Good luck!!

shookanuca said...

I actually found a toothpaste recipe I am going to try soon. It has bentonite clay and minerals in it and is suppised to remineralize your teeth!