Monday, March 4, 2013

The Natural Beauty Box review.

Hey everybody! Have you ever subscribed to a subscription box for beauty products? There are sooooo many out there, Glossy box, Eco Emi, conscious box, among others, and there is the newest one out The Natural Beauty Box. I think they actually started last year or so, and it is made by the girls who run the Natural Beauty store website.
 According to their website, the natural beauty box only carries 95-100%  natural products, and never gives you the same two products in a year. Also, they say that there won't be more than two products
of the same type in the box in one month.
 When I subscribed back in December for the January box, the price for a one month subscription was only $20.00, but now  I think that it went up to $29.99!!! That is just ridiculous for this box, and I will get into why later.
As January rolled around, I was getting excited to get my box...but it never came. I waited and waited, and eventually by the end of January I get an email from them saying that the January box had been delayed until the beginning of February. Nice. I had seen so many videos and things talking about how great this box was, so I still had high hopes for it and was still excited for it to come in early February. It didn't come.
 I was getting really irritated and kept messaging them on facebook, but the only response I could get was "we are waiting for some new suppliers products before we can ship them out and will be out by the end of February". By then I was starting to think I got ripped off, but by the last week of February it finally came, and it was very disappointing.
Let me start with the "good" part of my experience with the natural beauty box. I use good loosely here.
1. it showed up...eventually
2. cute box



That's about it. I was unbelievably disappointed with the service, and the fact that it was a month behind, and that the samples I got were just crap I will never use. They claim that you will never get 2 of the same item in one month's box, but I ended up getting 3 soaps. None of which I liked, unfortunately. Also in the box, you get a sheet that tells you all of the samples you got, most have the ingredients listed but not all of them. It tells you how much your sample is worth and what the full size is worth...with a coupon should you wanna buy the full size. It tells you what the total worth of your samples are as well. One of the samples I got was aftershave for men. I am not a man, and my boyfriend has a beard so this is of no use to me. I guess it's good for those who do have a spouse or bf that shaves. Another one of the samples I really wasn't happy with was a body butter that had fragrance, tetrasodium edta,,phenoxethanol, and a few other questionable ingredients. How is that 95-100% natural??

 After my initial disappointment wore off, I started talking to some other natural beauty bloggers on twitter and Catie (Naturalla Beauty), who also did a review on the box back in November, told me she was not a fan and will not be subscribing again either. Nice to know it wasn't just me! Also Mary (Pure Makeup), told me that the natural beauty store was being rude to their customers, and deleting the negative posts (like this review), from their facebook page! And I looked for myself and saw tons of people complaining that they didn't get their box, or had some kind of issue, and said their comments had gotten deleted. I couldn't believe my eyes! I am glad that mine eventually came even though it was very delayed, but I will not be a returning subscriber. I am not saying that you should or shouldn't try this box out for yourself, I am simply telling you about my experience. Lots of others have really enjoyed their boxes so it really is up to you.
Have any of you tried this box? If so, what was your experience like? I'd love to hear about it!



LonelyKiwee said...

Sigh. This is pretty sad. The only "green" box that ships to Canada and BOOM...=.=" WHEN ARE THE GOOD BOX GOING TO COME! By the way, great review! I was actually looking for a good box to subscribe to. Good thing Caitie + Mary + you informed me before it was too late <3

Anonymous said...

Hmmm! I requested a box from them, they said I would receive it in the beginning of March. It's now the middle of March. I'm beginning to wonder!!

shookanuca said...

Just keep bothering them until you get it! That's what I did! lol