Saturday, April 6, 2013

C.C. Pollen Royal Jelly Skincare with Honey Foaming Cleanser REVIEW

Hey guys! Long time no see! I know it's been a while since my last post, but with my schedule, I have to just blog whenever I can find the time. And today I actually have some! Hooray! If you follow me on twitter, you may have seen me post about buying this cleanser sometime in march, and I think since it has been about a month using it, I have seen enough of what it can do to review it. Here goes!
What it is: C.C. Pollen Royal Jelly Skincare with Honey Foaming Cleanser

This is an all organic, foaming cleanser, that is supposed to be very nourishing, hydrating and great for dry skin, with added benefits of honey, and royal jelly. The box has little descriptions of the benefits of honey and royal jelly on the skin, and both are supposed to help make your skin more supple, hydrated, and younger looking. I gotta agree with thsese! I have noticed less dryness, and more suppleness in my skin since starting using this cleanser, and that is saying something because I usually have very dry skin!
This cleanser is made up of saponified coconut, olive, and sunflower oils, all of which are fantastic for dry skin like mine too! It is a foam cleanser, so it has a pump on top. With some foam cleansers I've tried,  the foam was really thin and watery, and didn't really cleanse anything off my skin. That is NOT the case here. This foam is very thick, and rich feeling on the skin...almost creamy! It doesn't disappear when you start rubbing it in either, it actually stays thick and creamy until you rinse!

If you wear a lot of foundation, you may have to cleanse then tone, because it doesn't take all of your foundation off. That is the only thing about this cleanser that I find disappointing. Also I don't suggest using it on your eyes (which I never do with any cleanser anyway, I stick to jojoba and a cotton ball!), my sister actually used it on my birthday when she came over and put it on her eyes and said it burned them. Other than on the eyes, it is very gentle and hydrating so I don't mind taking a little more time and working it in to really get all my makeup off. It actually suggests using a toner in the directions. I like to wet my face with warm water, and actually work that around on my face before cleansing, just to loosen up my makeup before my cleanser. Then I rinse it and apply the cleanser, and massage it around over my face until I feel like it has really gotten everything off, then rinse. Instead of toner I just splash my face with really cold water to close up my pores. I am VERY pleased with this cleanser so far! It is really hard for me to find a cleanser that is suitable for dry skin, and won't strip it even more, or break me out. This one has really helped get rid of some of the redness I usually have as well! I think it is because there is chamomile, and calendula extracts in it and those are supposed to be very calming to your skin. There is also vegetable glycerin, which helps with keeping your skin hydrated. I think I am going to repurchase this after I use it up because I am so happy with the result...that actually hasn't happened to me since I went natural! I usually just switch to something else because I couldn't find one I liked, but I really like this one! I hope you enjoyed this review!
What is your favorite cleanser?


Purified water, organic saponified vegetable oil ( coconut, olive, and sunflower), vegetable glycerin, honey, essential oils, panthenol, organic chamomile extract, organic calendula extract, royal jelly.

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4 oz.  $9.35


mary said...

Sounds nice! Just the regular raw honey has been really helping my skin lately. I wonder if you could combine them!

shookanuca said...

I don't see why not! I have some raw honey that tasted icky that I was going to usr for my face...maybe I should try it...

EcoChicBeautyDiva said...

I've been enjoying raw honey. I went a couple of days without using it in the morning and noticed my skin didn't look as good as usual. I also love Pangea's blood orange cleanser :)