Saturday, April 20, 2013

Product review: Everyday Shea Unscented Shampoo

Hey guys! I hope you are doing well! Today I am reviewing a shampoo that I have been using for about a month, as a replacement after I ran out of my favorite shampoo, which is the Acure Organics Morroccan argan one. The reason I ended up trying this one from Everyday Shea is because, A.) it was the same price as the Acure but TWICE the size, B.) it had NO bad ingredients, only just 6 total! and C.) it had no fragrances or perfumes or essential oils or any of that jazz. I was really looking forward to trying this shampoo not only because of the above mentioned reasons, but also because If you have watched my 2012 hair care favorites video (here), then you may have heard me mention how much I loved the Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter Restorative shampoo and conditioner, until I found out about the parabens in Japanese honeysuckle. This seemed like a really good dupe for that shampoo....minus the Japanese honeysuckle. I was immediately drawn to it for that reason. So I ordered it and luckily got it just in time as I ran out of my Acure shampoo! Now let's get into it. The Everyday Shea brand, is made by Allafia, who under their own brand name make natural haircare and bodycare items, but this is specifically just shea butter products. FAIR TRADE shea butter at that!

The description of the shampoo on the bottle says:
"Gentle, creamy shampoo formulated with moisturizing, Certified Fair Trade unrefined shea butter, cleansing virgin coconut oil, and anti-oxidant shea leaf extract cleans thoroughly without stripping hair's natural oils. Unscented for sensitive individuals. Carefully formulated for everyday use on all hair types"

My first impression of this shampoo after I first used it was kinda iffy. It comes out kinda gooey and liquidy like really thick hand soap. But like the bottle says, there is no detectable scent, just pure shea butter smell.

After my very first use, my hair felt gunky and stuck together and hard to comb through when it was wet, but then after it dried my hair was really soft. I wasn't sure how I felt about it actually. Then I used it a few more times, and the gunkiness started to go away, maybe it was just residue from the jojoba oil I put on my ends or something. After the 3rd or 4th time washing my hair with this shampoo, I decided to actually wash all the way down to my ends, instead of just washing my root/scalp like I usually do (it makes temporary bright red color stay in longer) and it did the trick! My hair was really clean and not gunky at all. It is VERY moisturizing, not as soon as you feels kinda tangly, but after you condition and then rinse you can actually run your fingers through my tangly ass curls. That's saying something. My bf actually has used it as well and says he likes the way it makes his hair feel. So, is it a complete dupe for Shea Moisture? No, but it has some similarities and I do really like it. I hope you enjoyed this review! Have you tried any products from Everyday Shea? What is your favorite shampoo?


price: $9.79  (32 oz.)
where to buy:

Shea leaf (Butyrospermum parkii) eaxtract (aqueous), Shea butter soap (saponified shea butter), and virgin coconut oil( cocos nucifera), cocamidopropyl betaine, decyl polyglucose.

UPDATE: June 29, 2013
Though this is a good shampoo for cooler hair hates it in warm weather. It makes it super oily way quicker than usual and it feels kind of sticky. It is FANTASTIC for shaving though! It makes your legs/ armpits really smooth. It also makes a GREAT makeup brush cleaner...which are the only things I use it for now.


Caitie said...

Sounds nice:) I'm always tempted by their body washes, but I haven't actually tried anything from the brand.

shookanuca said...

I really like it, but it's the only thing I've ever tried from them. I want to try the vanilla mint shampoo too, but for now I will just stick to's gonna be a long time until it gets used up! It's HUGE! lol

EcoChicBeautyDiva said...

I was totally checking out the vanilla mint the other day, but because it's so big I'm afraid I'll get sick of it lol. Sounds wonderful though!

Su Red said...

This is my fav shampoo! i love it and don't notice any gunk. Its all natural and doesn't irritate me, and i can sometimes skip conditioner since its so good. based on the ingredients i ll try it as body wash too. i currently use everyday coconut unscented body wash for face and body :)