Saturday, June 29, 2013

June Favorites! (beauty & food)

Hey guys! This is my first EVER monthly favorites post! I'm excited! I did some 2012 favorites videos before, but I've never done a monthly favorites, so this is rather new to me. I always watch other people's favorites videos and always planned on doing one, but since I don't have a youtube channel anymore, I figured I'd bust one out on blogger. I had a few beauty favorites, and also a few healthy food favorites this month so I'm going to include them both in this post. Are you ready? Ok here we go....I'll start with beauty first, since that's what this blog was originally about. :) BTW, I am trying to not order anything online these days to save money. I find when I have to pay for it in person, I am less likely to over spend, so most of this stuff came from Whole Foods, Meijer, and Kroger.


Hurraw! coconut lip balm-  I friggin LOVE this lip balm so so much! It has the perfect coconut scent, and leaves my lips super soft. I got it as an add on in an amazon order, but I ended up paying WAY.TOO.MUCH. because I saw it for $3 on So I will definitely repurchase this when It's gone...for $3 instead of $7 this time! (I got my friend alex loving it too!)

Acure Morrocan Argan Stem Cell+ Argan oil conditioner - Ok, so I know that this has been a favorite of mine before in my 2012 favorites vid, but it totally made it back into my life again. Thankfully! I was using the Desert Essence keratin shampoo/conditioner that I got my bf for the past couple months, and while I really liked doesn't even COMPARE to this stuff. It makes my hair so silky and detangled and for curly hair, that is a miracle. I am still using the Desert Essence keratin shampoo but when I run out (which will be soon!!), I'm going back to the shampoo of this set of products. (Alex also loves this!!)

Dirt Tribe Face Toner - I did talk about this back in a video before, and I reviewed their dead sea mudmask (here) on this blog before, but I started using this toner back in May I believe and I absolutely love it. It is from an etsy store called Dirt Tribe, and it's made with aloe, rose hydrosol, cucumber extract, and citrus essential oils, and it works so well on my dry/combo summer skin. I feel like it was made especially for me! I use it on damp skin to prevent drying it out.

Acure  oil control facial moisturizer - Ok I know this says it's for combo to oily/ acne prone skin...and you have heard me say I have dry skin a million times but here's what's up. In the summer, my T-zone goes a little crazy and gets all oily, so by the end of the day my makeup is completely gone, and I am a red, splotchy mess and it looks just terrible. Not being able to find a makeup primer that I was happy with the ingredients (or price tag!), I had planned on just buying the Acure Gotu Kola day cream, but when I went to Whole Foods to get it, this was right next to it and I got it instead. It has been amazing! It keeps my oil at bay for the most part, and at the end of the day, I still have makeup on and very little redness. Not to mention that it has healed/ prevented the pimples I usually get on my chin from sweating. I am in love!

Earth Paste wintergreen toothpaste - I saw this on Lucky Vitamin forever ago and kept looking at it but never got it. Until I saw Brianna (iluvjesse444) talk about it on youtube. She sold me on it. Now it is a very popular toothpaste in the natural community and I can see why! It is absolutely great. It takes some getting used to but it really makes my teeth feel clean, and fresh, and doesn't get all foamy and run down my hand while I'm brushing like conventional toothpaste. Is that just me?? Oh well. Anyways, I love it and am about to get my second tube!

pHresh deodorant (tropical blossom) - I have just been using this the end half of June, but it is so good it has quickly become a favorite! If you follow me on twitter, you have already seen this, but I was having odor issues with my Nourish deodorant, (I don't think Nourish was made for the excessive temps that Kentucky has) and found this randomly while shopping on iherb. I googled it, as I do, when I am looking to try something new and saw great reviews on quite a few blogs. The same thing kept coming up "it works!" So I ordered tropical blossom. It really DOES work!  You need to make sure to have freshly washed pits before applying or it doesn't last as long. And even then you may need to reapply maybe once during the day. With Nourish I was reapplying over and over through the day. Also it has a strong scent that makes you feel like you are using regular deodorant! ( without the scary ingredients that is!) The packaging has a few flaws, but I LOVE LOVE it!

That's all for the beauty faves, let's move on to the tastier ones!

Citrus Zinger bottle - This isn't a food, but it is food related, and has been my most favorite item this month. It is a water bottle with a citrus juicer that attatches to the bottom, so you can have lemon/lime/orange water on the go! You just juice the fruit first (keep the lid on!) then keep one half on the juicer while you twist on the bottom of the bottle, then add water, and it adds awesome fresh citrusy goodness with every sip! I use this every day, and it really is delicious. Also it makes my skin clearer and brighter from the vitamin c!

Simple Truth unsweetened almond milk - This is by far my favorite almond milk so far. I don't have a fancy high speed blender to make my own (yet!), so until then I'm buying it. This I saw when I was just about to leave the natural foods isle at Kroger, and it was on sale 2 for 5. It is so much better than the Blue Diamond brand or even Trader Joe's that I usually get. And bonus! It doesn't have carrageenan which is being rumored to being linked to cancer.

Organic oats - I have been really loving me some oats lately! It's been a great breakfast food, and just a great snack when I don't feel like making something. It's super healthy, and filling and versatile. I know that it a weird favorite, but hey, it's still a favorite!

Tone it Up nutrition plan update: They have redone the entire program! It actually makes sense now, is easier to follow, and has way better recipes than the old version. I am actually glad I spent the money now, because before I was really disappointed in it after that huge price tag. This version has a ton of vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, and raw foods in it too. Great Job girls!

Tazo organic chai tea bags - This is my favorite thing to order from Starbucks...but I hate spending $4-$5 on a beverage that I could easily make at home. I have figured out the perfect chai latte recipe too....let me know if you want it! Anyways...I have one every day, a HEALTHY version that is.

Let's! coconut flakes : This was already my favorite brand for coconut stuff, but I usually go for the shredded coconut. Tone it Up talked about this and I was sold. It is so much less messy than the shredded! I use it in a lot of my work snacks so it is easier on me to eat it at work in the big flakes. I like to make a "salad" with granny smith apples, juice of half a lemon, and this coconut with cinnamon and let it sit in the fridge to soften the coconut. So good.

go raw! snacks : Also recommended form Tone it Up, these little snacks are soo good! I got the pizza flax snacks, and the carrot cake super cookies and they are both pretty tasty. I want to try all the different flavors they have, and every time I go to whole Foods I try another one. MMMMM. The pizza ones taste EXACTLY like pizza! I gave one to this girl at work that eats  processed food all day and even she liked them! The carrot cake doesn't really taste like carrot cake, but they are still good. Lightly sweet, slightly cinnamon-y and very carroty. Great on the go snacks for work.

Well, that's all for my very first monthly favorites. I hope it wasn't too boring lol. What were some of your favorites this month??



Saturday, June 15, 2013

Purple Prairie Botanicals Sun Stuff review

Hey guys! As some of you may know....probably most of you don't, back in May I got a pretty nasty sunburn while gardening. The sun was covered by clouds, and it ended up being a rainy day, so I didn't prepare and got burned all along my upper back and arms. Luckily it healed fast thanks to massive amounts of coconut oil and my George's Aloe spray! Anyway, that very day I got online and shopped around for the best deal on all natural sunblock. It was harder than I expected. All the natural brands only come in very tiny 3-4 oz tubes at prices upwards of $13...except for one. Purple Prairie botanicals!

 I had been eyeing this brand because of it's great ingredients (and 9.5 oz bottle) since I started my change to natural beauty products back in 2012, but never got around to trying it until I actually needed it. And take a look at the super adorable packaging!! Well here is what the website says:

"EWG top rated Sun Stuff mineral lotion will protect from sunburn and moisturize at the same time. Our formula scatters the sun's harmful UVA and UVB rays with 20% micronized zinc oxide. Our formula doesn't leave that thick white paste so common with other zinc oxide products, and is easily worked in."

Ok, sounds amazing doesn't it? I thought so too. Until I tried it. Now, it's not that it didn't work that makes me not such a fan of this's that it leaves me looking kind of lavender after I rub it in. How weird??

before being rubbed in. Notice the thick, pasty texture?

after being rubbed in for aout 30 seconds. still looks white to me.

I started wearing this outside every time I know I will be gardening, or am going to be out for extended periods of time ( I don't like being a lobster!), and it is really effective. That part I really like. But what I don't care for is that is is very thick and pasty, VERY white, and kinda hard to rub in. Also like I said before it leaves a white cast and makes me look a little lavender in color. I think they need to do a little reformulating to make it less whitening, or change their description of it on their website. But for 9.5 oz and only $20, this is the best price for ANY natural sunscreen I could find. You cannot find this size bottle anywhere else with such great ingredients. Would I repurchase it? Sure....but only when I won't be going anywhere. This is strictly for home use. I am still looking for an affordable, non comedogenic face spf. Any suggestions? What is your favorite sunscreen or sunblock?

- Shauna

Where to buy:
** comes in 2 sizes**
5 oz  $11.99, and 9.5 oz  $19.99, also a stick form for $8.99

active ingredient: 20% micronized zinc oxide. Non active ingredients: water, organic cold pressed olive fruit oil, witch hazel, kosher vegetable glycerin, organic sunflower oil, organic coconut oil, cetearyl alcohol, shea butter, organic cacao butter, polysorbate 60 and rosemary extract.