Saturday, June 15, 2013

Purple Prairie Botanicals Sun Stuff review

Hey guys! As some of you may know....probably most of you don't, back in May I got a pretty nasty sunburn while gardening. The sun was covered by clouds, and it ended up being a rainy day, so I didn't prepare and got burned all along my upper back and arms. Luckily it healed fast thanks to massive amounts of coconut oil and my George's Aloe spray! Anyway, that very day I got online and shopped around for the best deal on all natural sunblock. It was harder than I expected. All the natural brands only come in very tiny 3-4 oz tubes at prices upwards of $13...except for one. Purple Prairie botanicals!

 I had been eyeing this brand because of it's great ingredients (and 9.5 oz bottle) since I started my change to natural beauty products back in 2012, but never got around to trying it until I actually needed it. And take a look at the super adorable packaging!! Well here is what the website says:

"EWG top rated Sun Stuff mineral lotion will protect from sunburn and moisturize at the same time. Our formula scatters the sun's harmful UVA and UVB rays with 20% micronized zinc oxide. Our formula doesn't leave that thick white paste so common with other zinc oxide products, and is easily worked in."

Ok, sounds amazing doesn't it? I thought so too. Until I tried it. Now, it's not that it didn't work that makes me not such a fan of this's that it leaves me looking kind of lavender after I rub it in. How weird??

before being rubbed in. Notice the thick, pasty texture?

after being rubbed in for aout 30 seconds. still looks white to me.

I started wearing this outside every time I know I will be gardening, or am going to be out for extended periods of time ( I don't like being a lobster!), and it is really effective. That part I really like. But what I don't care for is that is is very thick and pasty, VERY white, and kinda hard to rub in. Also like I said before it leaves a white cast and makes me look a little lavender in color. I think they need to do a little reformulating to make it less whitening, or change their description of it on their website. But for 9.5 oz and only $20, this is the best price for ANY natural sunscreen I could find. You cannot find this size bottle anywhere else with such great ingredients. Would I repurchase it? Sure....but only when I won't be going anywhere. This is strictly for home use. I am still looking for an affordable, non comedogenic face spf. Any suggestions? What is your favorite sunscreen or sunblock?

- Shauna

Where to buy:
** comes in 2 sizes**
5 oz  $11.99, and 9.5 oz  $19.99, also a stick form for $8.99

active ingredient: 20% micronized zinc oxide. Non active ingredients: water, organic cold pressed olive fruit oil, witch hazel, kosher vegetable glycerin, organic sunflower oil, organic coconut oil, cetearyl alcohol, shea butter, organic cacao butter, polysorbate 60 and rosemary extract.


Sofie said...

Just stumbled upon your blog! I've had the exact same experience with another brand. Just did a post on it too, with me it is also very white-blueish, very hard to rub in. I'd love to hear it should you find one that looks better on you, maybe it will for me too!
X Sofie

Shauna said...

What brand did you try? I will be sure to stay away from it lol. I will definely keep looking for a real "non whitening" one and will definitely review it because good news needs to be shared!

Sofie said...

It was lavera, which I usually love as a brand, but this was probably just not for my skin...