Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Lily Farm Fresh Skin care - Seven facial Rejuvinating Oil treatment Review

Hey guys! Back in late April, I was contacted by a company called Lily Farm Fresh Skin care to select a product to review.  After browsing online, and checking out the company I was really excited because not only were there products organic....the ingredients are all grown by the company themselves! They have been around since 1986 (I was 3 years old!), and they have their own certified organic laboratory, and a USDA certified organic farm in Colorado where they make all of their own products. I don't know about you, but I really like to support companies that go out of their way to produce quality products, and really have your skin's best interest at heart. I ended up choosing the Seven Facial Rejuvenating Oil Treatment for dry/ mature skin because as I get older, I am becoming more and more interested in age prevention, and I didn't have any skincare products like this in my collection.

The description on the bottle says:

"Re-knits collagen and reduces wrinkles and appearance of fine lines"

I don't actually have any wrinkles yet, but my skin is pretty dry and dry skin is more succeptable to getting fine lines. I can't have that! When I first received the facial oil in the mail, I was impressed with the packaging. It came in a really nice glass pump bottle, and the pump was actually functional. I have had bad luck in the past with pumps, they end up getting clogged or stuck soon after I start using it, but that isn't the case here. The oil itself is quite nice too. It is very thick for a facial oil, unlike argan or jojoba oil that just soak into my skin really quickly leaving it feeling like I need more moisturizer. This stuff soaks in, and also stays put on top of my skin leaving it feeling very hydrated but not greasy. I am very impressed with this stuff! I was a little put off by the scent though, it has lavender essential oil, and smells kind of "herbally" which I am not a fan of. But after a test patch on my arm revealed no sign of irritation or lingering scent, I gave it a try on my face and the next day my skin was so soft and supple looking! It even helped repair some little red acne spots I had and helped to get rid of a few actual zits that I was suffering the wrath of. This is my only night time moisturizer these days and I couldn't be happier with the way my skin looks and feels. The redness has calmed down, acne scars are starting to fade and my skin just feels so soft and supple. I really recommend checking out this company if you are looking for really high quality natural skin care products. Have you ever tried Lily Farm Fresh Skin care? What is your favorite product?



Price: (on website) $28.99, (iherb) $23.18
Where to buy: lilyfarmfreshskincare.com, iherb.com

prunis dulcis (almond oil), aleurites moluccana (kukui oil), teriteicum aestivum (avocado oil), tocopherol (vitamin e) oil, oenthera biennis (primrose oil), essential oil of lavandula vera (lavender), rosa aff. rubiginosa (rosehip seed oil).

*** These are my OWN opinions of this product.  I am completely honest in my opinions of products I review and will never give a great review just because it was sent to me by the company.***

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