Sunday, November 3, 2013

T.A.N.F. haul and swatches!!!!!

Hey guys! I had planned on doing a haul video for these goodies, but I didn't have any free time to film it. I have been off work for the past 10 days and I have been out and about, walking in some of our gorgeous parks we have here, and just enjoying not working. Instead,I thought I would just blog it! That's just as good right? This is going to be a pretty quick lil' post because so many of you already know how awesome T.A.N.F. is and own alot of their products. I just wanted to show you what I got.
 I made this order for the Diva Stix specifically because I wanted to use them to do my makeup on halloween ( I was going to be a peacock), but it stormed really bad here, and it was actually cancelled. I don't really mind that I didn't get to use them right away because I wanted them regardless. I loooove these Diva Stix so much! I can't believe that they are so affordable (under 5 bucks!!) and such good quality. I absolutely love all of the products I have tried from The All Natural Face so far, and I already have a few more things on my wishlist :) Anywho, let's move on to the swatches.

So far, I like the blues the best. The peacock blue and blueberry are both so gorgeous!!! I wore the peacock on my water line as eyeliner today and it is amazing. It makes my blue eyes stand out even more than black eyeliner.
 The camera doesn't even show how spectacular antique silver, deep sea green, and green ice are in person either...they are breath taking! I can't wait to wear them on my eyes because so far I have only swatched them. In the sunlight they both sparkle so much, and inside light I didn't even realize they had sparkle. I will definitely do a GRWM soon to show them to you. I hope you enjoyed this very short post, I just wanted to let you see how beautiful these shadows are! Have you tried any of these products? What did you think?




Ashley Nicole said...

Oh I love that peacock blue eye pencil! Wow that's gorgeous!

Bow Tied Beauty said...

The blues shades really do look so pigmented and lovely, I bet they look stunning on! x