Friday, February 21, 2014

Colorevolution Mineral Makeup 5 pc Sultry eyes, and 3 pc starter kit review

 Hey guys! Today I'm going to show you a brand that I have been using for a couple months now and felt a review was long over due. Colorevolution. I actually found out about this brand when I was shopping at Ross, (if you don't know it's a store like TJ Maxx). I am always on the look out for natural makeup or skin care that is AFFORDABLE, and I usually find great deals on body care and shampoo at places like TJ Maxx and Ross, but makeup is RARE.

I couldn't believe it when I found 2 natural, mineral makeup kits that actually WERE natural. And cheap! The only ingredients listed for every product was just mica, iron oxide, titanium dioxide. After I purchased these, I looked up Colorevolution and it is actually a high-end makeup brand, and very popular. I understand why!

 The two kits were a 3 pc starter kit containing a foundation, blush and bronzer for light/medium skin, and a 5 pc sultry eye kit that had 5 eyeshadows. Both of the kits were only $6.00 too. I grabbed one of each kit.

Another thing I loved about this awesome find, was the huge size of all of the products. The eyshadows are 1 gram, and the face products are 3 grams. That's a really good deal for only 6 bucks.

I have used these eyshadows so many times, and fall in love with them again every time I use them. Especially Majesty. I use this beautiful sparkly nude as an all over color, or as an inner corner highlight. It is just gorgeous! They apply very smoothly, especially if you use a cream shadow or primer underneath, and they last on me all day. Some people say that if they have oily lids mineral makeup creases or fades, but my skin is dry so it lasts a long time.

The shadows in this kit range from warm, to more neutral tones. I find the warmer shades work better on my skin tone but I still love them all. I use Coral Sand and Majesty the most but I also love Barely there as a crease color.

The 3 pc starter kit is made for light to medium skin, and I am more on the fairer side so I can't use the bronzer or foundation unless I BLEND IT OUT because it shows up really dark on my face. I have used the blush and foundation quite a few times and if applied lightly the blush is beautiful on fair skin. The foundation, I LOVE even though it is slighlty too dark. It makes my face looked airbrushed and flawless. It goes on perfectly with my ecotools kabuki. I am going to try to find the fair to light kit as well.

I am really glad I got a chance to try this brand for a really good price, because on their website they are a bit pricey, but totally worth it if love natural makeup like I do. They also have tons of different eyeshadow kits , face kits,and lip products you can try that come in all different colors. Emily Noel on youtube just did a review of their Ru-Paul Glamazon collection and it looked so amazing! All kinds of brigt colors that I would love to try!

I hope you liked this review and if you have ever tried Colorevolution, what did you think of them??



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Crystal Pena said...

Wow, awesome find! Now I need to be on the look out at Ross and TJ Maxx lol great review!

Shauna said...

+Crystal Pena Thanks! I always see makeup at Ross, but it's usually like NYX or something not natural, but every once in a while they have some mineral stuff, and it's a really good deal :)

Anonymous said...

This looks like an awesome makeup brand and what pure ingredients!! Thanks for sharing this wonderful find.

I absolutely love your blog by the way! It's always nice to read a good green beauty blog on the internet! I would absolutely love it if you'd check out mine :). Thanks!