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Traditional Medicinals Steep The Stress Away tea sampler review

 Hey guys! Have you ever tried tried Traditional Medicinals tea? I had always seen it at Target, and Meijer, and had always wanted to try it, but I wasn't sure which one to choose. They have so many teas for health and wellness, I just can't decide which ones to try. That's where samplers come in!
I LOVE tea. I drink a hot cup of tea probably 3 or 4 times a day, and I like finding organic, caffeine free, herbal teas these days because I feel really jittery if I have more than just my morning coffee caffeine in a day. I really like rooibos tea, and especially chai tea, but I am trying to expand into more healing, herbal teas such as detox teas, and even teas to help with digestion such as lemon and ginger, which I love.

I am picky about brands of tea that I drink because of the pesticides and "natural flavorings", and even soy lecithin that a lot of popular brands contain, and it is difficult to find brands that do not use these ingredients.
Luckily I got the chance to try a sampler of Traditional Medicinals and it came just in time.

 I received this kit sometime around Christmas, and some of you may know I was struggling with stress from being the only memeber of the household that was working, and also a repetitive motion injury in my elbow, so I REALLY wanted to try these to see if they would help!

This kit contains 3 relaxation teas:
* Organic Nighty Night-" helps to relax, and get a good night's sleep"
* Organic Chamomile with Lavender- " settles your nervous system and relaxes your digestive system, especially good when stressed or tense"
* Organic Easy Now- "helps you relax, easing tension or stress"

I was really excited to try these because Traditional Medicinals is created by master herbalists, are organic, don't use any "natural flavors" or soy, are NON GMO verified, they only use sustainable methods to produce their teas, and the tea bags are actually compostable. Their  packaging is made of 100% recycled material, and they use solar energy to run their facility. Now that is a GREEN company! I really love when comapanies go above and beyond to produce quality products, and I love supporting green businesses.

Now onto the tea!

The first one of these I tried was the Easy Now tea, because I was feeling really tense and was having a hard time relaxing because of my arm hurting from work. The description says it is "floral apple- like and minty", but I really didn't taste any appley-ness, mostly just mint. It tasted good, but I am a beginner in the REAL herbal tea world so it took some getting use to. It did seem to help me relax though. I had never tried catnip before so I was nervous to  drink it, but when I finally did it wasn't so scary :), I didn't even taste it.

The one I liked the best of the three is definitely the Nighty Night tea. It has the best flavor of the bunch, and it doesn't taste as herbally to me. It kind of reminds me of the Celestial Seasonings sleepytime tea, only without the pesticides. I sometimes have a hard time going to bed because all of the tv shows I like come on at 8pm and I have to be in bed by 9pm and I have to FORCE myself to go to bed...this tea, just like sleepytime tea, actually does help me fall asleep. The description says "the calming blend of lavender, passionflower, chamomile, and catnip will help ease tension and stress, and these herbs have a beneficial effect on the nervous system". I guess that is true because I always fall asleep soon after I drink this tea.

The last and final tea in this kit is Chamomile with Lavender. This is not my favorite tea... no offense Traditional Medicinals! I loved the other two in the set! It's just not for everybody. The taste was not the worst I've ever had but I just never liked chamomile tea in general. I did try it a few times, and the flavor kind of reminds me of biscuits and that weird? My bf drank it too and said he tasted it as well. Maybe we are just weird. I did feel a little more relaxed after I drank it, but I don't think it's something I would drink regularly.

All in all I was really happy with this teas sampler and am glad I got to try it out and see what great quality teas Traditional Medicinals has to offer! I am interested in trying other flavors of  teas they have, especially the ones with ginger, those are always my favorite.

You can find out how to purchase this sampler for yourself by going here.

Have you ever tried any of these relaxation teas for yourself? What did you think of them?



*this tea was sent as a pr sample. These are my own words, and I was not compensated for thise review other than the chance to try the sampler.*

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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Addison Cain said...

Hi Shauna! I'm a new reader :) I love the Easy Now tea. It was one of my favorite things to drink during exam time and though it could've been placebo effect, I would say that it definitely helped me relax.

Shauna said...

Thank for reading my blog Addison! I agree about the realaxation, it really helped me too. Placebo or not it seems to work :)