Thursday, June 26, 2014

Current Wishlist (natural, health & beauty)

Hey guys! Today is just a quick little post of some items I am lusting over at the moment. I like a mixture of beauty, health and wellness products at all times, so I included a few of each here in my wish list. What are some items you are lusting over right now?


1. Defender Pad I just found out about this from Mama Natural on youtube...and I NEED this in my lap, er, life! It is an amzing little device (that is independntly tested)that protects you from laptop radiation! It also acts like a fancy little lap table.

2. Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques Pressed Foundation After falling in love with the Silk Veil I got as a sample, I am definitely interested in trying the powder foundation. I have tried a few Lauren Brooke products over the years and liked all of them. I like the convenience of the pressed powder over loose minerals. Also, her foundations contain spf from zinc so you gotta love it even more!

3. ZuZu Luxe Azure eyeliner I just finished off the Raven shade of this liner, and it is the most natural liquid liner I have found on the market. I really loved the raven, so I know I will love this bright blue shade as well!

4. Silk Naturals HD Concealer I am absolutely IN LOVE with the HD foundation from this brand! It has amazing coverage, and in the warmer months I can use it all over without worrying that my dry skin will look cakey or flaky. I want to try the concealer because it can get around my eyes and nose easier.

5. Caribbean Solutions Beach Colors self tanner This is the most affordable all natural self tanner I can find. All the reviews I have read have been really great also. I have naturally fair skin, but I am embarrased of my legs because of my varicose veins that show on the back of my knees, so I have been looking for a way to disguise them.


Sabrina Zimmerman said...

I have the Lauren Brooke pressed foundation - I think you'll like it. Let me know if you try it what your thoughts are! :-)

Lea Lou said...

I really like the Caribbean Solutions beach colors self tanner. It is a great price and the ingredients are probably the best I've seen. Just rub it in evenly and you can mix it with lotion.

Shauna said...

I hope I like it too! I will definitely let you know!

Shauna said...

Yay! I'm glad you have tried it and like it. I have read great reviews about it but it's good to hear first hand. :)

Jenny Olatunji said...

Wouldn't mind the laptop radiation mini table thing! lovely post

Shauna said...

It would be a nice thing to have! I never even thought about laptop radiation that much but now I want to minimize it! Thank you!