Saturday, June 14, 2014

Whole California Olive Exfoliating + Moisturizing Scrub & Mask | Review

Oliviate is an up and coming brand that cares. What sets them apart from other body scrub companies I have tried is the fact that they only use three ingredients, yes THREE, and all are sustainable and eco friendly! They do NOT use any plastic microbead in their scrub, because those little buggers end up in our water supply and can be toxic.
This scrub only contains:

*Organic California olives
*Organic vegetable glycerien (from sustainable palm)
*Lemongrass essential oil

I was contacted from the company to try a sample of this product, and they sent me a link to their Indiegogo page, and some facts about their brand and what their goals are and after I read about them I immediately said yes.
Here is a little about the company and what they are trying to do with their product.

"We’re launching Oliviate to bring the power of California olives from the farm to your face. We’re using our Indiegogo campaign's Earth Day launch to introduce our 100% organic skincare products that work naturally with your skin without any artificial additives or plastic microbeads. Oliviate harnesses the power of nature to nourish and replenish your skin without harming the environment

Oliviate is the kind of brand that I love supporting, because they have such great values and care about the impact they have on the earth. They use all sustainable methods, and ingredients, and just make a great product with great ingredients. They are also paleo, gluten free, and cruelty free!
phot courtesy of Oliviate

I was lucky enough to receive a sample to try and I really am pleased with it. It came packed in a cute little carboard box, with paper "easter grass" that can both easily be recycled, and the product itself was in a tiny little plastic jar, that I plan on keeping for reuse.

The first thing I noticed when I opened the jar was that it was brown, and kind of a mousse like texture.

Also you can smell the lemongrass essential oil, but it is not a real strong scent. The exfoliant is pumice from ground olive pits and the scrubbers are SUPER fine. When you rub it in you can definitely feel the exfoliation but it is so gentle because of how small the scrubbers are. My skin felt so smooth and actually looked plumped up after! I have a sample picture using my hands.
I did not use scrub on this hand- see they dryness?

This hand I used the scrub on. My skin is smooth and supple. I did not apply moisturizer either!
I was so excited to see how great this scrub worked on my dry, scaly hands ( I wash my hands ALOT due to handling baby chicks and gardening so they get really dry) because I am constantly moisturizing them. I am going to try this on my feet too!

Oliviate has launched an Indiegogo account to try to raise money to produce their product on a larger scale, and buy all the necessary equipment to do so. They are running this until June 20th so there are only 7 days left to help if you are interested. They need to raise $25,000 in order to reach their goal and right now are only at $4,640. They need our help to reach this goal, so if you are interested here are some perks you can receive from contributing:

If you would like more info on Oliviate as a brand, you can head over to their Facebook page, or go to their Indiegogo page and contribute to their goal.

I really want to see this brand go far! I hope they can reach their goal by June 20!!




Ana said...

This sounds great, I love the smell of lemongrass so uplifting! :) Xx

Amber Doterra said...

So sad I missed the post and that their goal was not met :(
Are we still able to order and where??

Shauna said...

I am not sure if you can still order. But I will try to find out! I am sad they didn't meet their goal too. What a great brand! I think they need more advertising.

Shauna said...

The scent is very faint in this scrub, but I like it! :)