Friday, February 20, 2015


Omg. You have NO IDEA how excited I am to share this with you! I have already told my sister (who btw switched to organic personal care last year!) all about it and she is going to try it. Now it's time to share it with everyone else.

Before I do though, yall should know by now (we say that here) that I am trying to live a little more sustainable, cut back on waste, and try to recycle most of my when this deodorant caught my eye...I jumped on it.
What is so special about a deodorant you ask??? is wrapped in paper. Compostable paper. No plastic!! Pretty exciting stuff, in fact I squealed when I found it... I may have a problem. This product is from a shop I found on etsy called The Rex Apothecary, and all of their items are so amazingly green.
You use it the same way as a conventional plastic twist up tube, but instead of twisting you just push the bar up through the cardboard tube, and apply it. It's really a genius idea. I can't believe it hasn't been thought of until now!
Another thing that drew me in was the scent. It wasn't your typical lavender, or tea tree scent most organic deodorant brands offer, but this scent was one I had only ever found in the candy isle...cocoa orange! That brought back memories of my mom buying that ball of chocolate that was shaped like an orange and broke into slices when I was little. I loved those! It sealed the deal and the only thing I could do was order right then and there.
Luckily, it wasn't just all packaging and actually works for me. I put it to the test the day after receiving it with atough Fitness Blender workout, and every day since at my factory job. It is really great at keeping me odor free. Also, it moisturizes my armpits and doesn't stain my clothing. Bonus points for clean shirts!

Even though there is baking soda in the ingredients, I have experienced ZERO irritation, and have had no problems whatsoever. There is also arrowroot, shea & cocoa butters, coconut oil, and wonderful organic essential oils that keep you odor free and smelling like chocolatey orange amazing deliciousness all day. You will want to eat it...but please dont!

I really LOVE the fact that they made this completely biodegradable, plastic free, organic, and small batch. For a small price of $9.95, you are really getting a quality product! Some will disagree with thst price, but just look at all of the thought and care and the ingredients that go into making it. I actually had to wait a few days because they were waiting for fresh ingredients to prepare my order, so you are getting something made just for you.

I really recommend trying this deodorant whether  you are looking for a new scent, more sustainable packaging, or just to have a great deodorant. It is one of my favorites of the bunch I have tried, and you will definitely be seeing more about this brand from me!


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Monday, February 16, 2015

Book Review: The Food Babe Way

Hey guys! I have never done anything like this on my blog it will be a first for all of us. A book review! I'm sure if you have ever read my blog before, you know by now that I am all about clean, natural, wholesome, and organic food, whatever diet you choose to follow. I believe that is the key to great health. Removing chemicals, additives, gmo's, and any other yucky ingredients out of your mouth, and out of your personal care products is one of the BEST steps you can take for yourself, in my opinion, if you want to be healthy.

That being said, I am NOT a nutritionist, or health care provider, nor do I pretend to be, I just research how I can best take care of myself, and try to follow what makes me feel good. Now that we have that straight, let's talk books. On my natural journey one of the first books I ever read was Kimberly Snyder's Beauty Detox Solution, which led me down the path of where I am now in my eating and beauty habits. She opened my eyes to what was going into my body, in both areas, and since then I research EVERYTHING I can get my hands on about health. Also, that is how I started this blog!

I am not a vegan, or a vegetarian, but I base most of my diet around veggies, fruits, and other plant based foods, and I add organic meats and cheeses in there moderately. That is what makes ME feel healthy, I am not saying that works for everyone. To each their own! After reading TBDS, I started reading tons of other books and learning about chemicals to avoid in food, and learning what to buy and where to shop...hours and hours are still spent on doing these things, just because it is now my biggest passion...but if I had had this book back in 2012, I feel like it would've been alot easier to get started!!

There is already tons of controversy over The Food Babe Way, just google it. Vani Hari, the author, has SO MANY HATERS that want to take her down it is rediculous!! Big food comapanies are targeting her all over the internet trying to discredit her, agrichemical companies are trying to make her go away for exposing them. I personally know a few people in my life that don't like her because they disagree with some of her investigations, some people even call her a "fear monger" because some of the things she writes make people react and stop eating that particular ingredient. Even if I did agree with that, which I DON'T, so what?? She gets things DONE. And that is all that matters to me at the end of the day. I love Vani, and her blog, and I am grateful to have people like her looking out for us, because we know nobody else is doing it! I mean just look at the stuff we are allowed to eat...

Anywho, I pre-ordered her book The Food Babe Way, and just received it a few days ago. I love it! She has a no nonsense way of putting her findings to make everyone understand that we are the only ones who can look out for us. Not the government, not the food industry. Just ourselves.

There are a few things in the book I don't really agree with. She names different diets, and then why she thinks each is flawed, and while I agree with her for the most part, I don't think just because you follow a certain "diet" means that you aren't going to buy organic or non gmo. Some people automatically include that in their shopping priorities. Other than that, I totally agree.

I love that she gives you 21 good food habits to include in your life daily to help you get in a routine for better health. I have included many of these tips in my life after doing my own research and reading many health books and find that they really do make a difference in the way I look and feel, such as including warm lemon water or ACV in your morning routine, and including green drinks into your daily life. Both of those things were introduced to me early in my journey, and I definitely recommend them!!

She also recommends that you cut down on your meat and dairy intake, and only include humainely raised, orgainic versions if possible. I believe that is a great idea. Most meats that you can find at the grocery store are from factory farms and contain hormones and were most likely fed gmo it's not a bad idea to eat less of it, or avoid it all together unless you can find pasture raised. Raw milk products are getting easier to find as well, which is the only dairy I can eat without getting nasty breakouts. In Kentucky it is illegal to sell raw milk, but you can easily get raw cow, sheep, or goat cheeses, which I try to buy. Those are the easiest to digest too!

Lastly, I love the eating guide! She provides really affordable, healthy, easy to follow recipes with ingredients that you can easily find at any grocery store! I have tried a few of these recipes myself, and they get a thumbs up! Not just because I already had most of the ingredients on hand (no shopping!), but because they are actually really good...ESPECIALLY the mexican casserole!

She even includes a list of recommended reading, how to start your own petition, and how to eat out...and avoid gmo's at different restaurants!

This book is a great reference for anyone who is looking for a guide to get started on a healthy eating journey. I know that it would have been useful for me when I started! For those that aren't fans, I can  understand that you may not want to read this book and that's fine, but for those who are up for it, I really recommend it!!

Have you read The Food Babe Way yet?? What are your thoughts??


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*This review is based on MY OWN OPINIONS, I purchased this item with my own money, and was not compensated in any way.*

Monday, February 9, 2015

Purple, red and in between

Hey guys! Today is brought to you by the color purple. And red.  And the stuff in between. I have been trying out all sorts of samples, and even some full sized items, and finally found the ones that fit my personal taste.

The first is a blush...that falls into the red category category, and it is Bourdeaux cream blush by The All Natural Face.

 It is the newest of my TANF blush collection, and the one that I have been wearing pretty much every time I wear blush at all. It is so pretty and kind of an intense burgundy color, and I was actually terrified to try it on when I first opened it. But if you use a light hand, it can be very subdues and make your cheeks look flushed. Like you were out in the cold for a while...and right now I can get that rosy glow from stepping outside, but I'd rather fake it. With this blush :) It goes on really smoothly, the same way the other TANF cream blushes do, and it stays put pretty much all day on my skin. $5.75

Next up is a true PURPLE, also from TANF. This beauty is Purple Passion lipstick and I AM IN LOVE WITH IT (especially with a little Petal Rebel from RAL mixed in)!

Purple Passion and Petal Rebel

There is one downside to this lipstick shade though, as with other purple cream items from TANF, it gets a little spotty when you apply it. I'm not sure why but all of their purples do that. Other than that, wow is this lipstick gorgeous! I have totally become a huge purple lipstick addict from this baby. It is moisturizing, and doesn't have a taste or smell that I have detected, so for those who are sensitive to scents, worry not. $8.05

Another beautiful purple lip color, Asset from Silk Naturals, is a very well known shade in the green beauty community.
 For good reason may I add!

This lip gloss is very sheer, and glossy, and looks different on different people, I think. I have seen it on other green gals on youtube, and I feel like it looks very nice on all skin tones and seems to match each person based on their lip color. That is why I love Asset so much, it looks great on everyone! The shade itself is a deep berry color, but leaves behind a sheer stained look which is very pretty, I absolutely love it, and recommend you try it if you havent already.

The third and final lip color ( can you tell I am loving purple lipstick yet??) is from a newer brand to me, called Etherealle. I found them on etsy sometime last summer and ordered a 5 pc lipstick sampler. The shade that wowed me though was called Muse.

THIS. COLOR. Omg it's just beautiful. It is a very BRIGHT almost fuchsia, and it stays that color on the lips. This was my favorite lip color of the fall, that's when I really started trying out as a full lip color rather than a swatch...and thus my purple addiction came into play. Thanks Etherealle. This lipstick is very opaque, and long lasting. It does accentuate dry patches so make sure you exfoliate beforehand!! I feel it goes on more smoothly if you have freshly exfoliated, and moisturized lips because it is kind of hard to blend out at first until it warms a little.
$2.95 for sample, $9.95 for full size

Lastly, we are going to move to a different part of the face...the eyes. The windows to your soul. The place where guys should look instead of at your boobs. Haha, This shade is from Concrete Minerals, one of my personal FAVE brands of mineral makeup, and it is called Saint.
You have probably seen this used in some of my youtube videos if you follow me there, if not, you are about to! It is probably my favorite shadow at the moment. It is a very unique color, a mixture of navy blue and dark purple, with just a hint of violet sparkle. I use it as a cateye liner alot, and it brings out blue eyes perfectly. All of Concrete Minerals' shadows are long lasting on me even without a primer, but if you have oily lids you may need one. $7.00

Well thats it for my red and purple shade far. If you have any other  recommendations, I'd love to hear them!!


Friday, January 2, 2015

Happy New year! And my goals for 2015

Hey everyone! Happy 2015! I have to say...I am glad that December is gone and over with. I had a very stressful, and chaotic, and moneyless month, some tears were shed, but now I am ready to MOVE. ON. January always brings resolutions, and a fresh start, where you get a chance to start over and make better decisions that you did the previous year.

This year, my resolution was to go back to basics. What that means is living on a budget, and ACTUALLY sticking to it. I was laid off almost the whole month of December, and I did not recieve a paycheck at unemployment check will not come until I am already back at work, (which is Monday and I can't wait!) So, needless to say a budget is very necessary to get my life back on track.

I am also diving into the new Love Your Body challenge from Tone It Up, which is an 8- week fitness challenge where you receive daily workouts, you can win prizes, and is meant to push you and make you truly appreciate all your body does for you and actually learn to love Valentines Day.

After sitting around my house bored, and twittling my thumbs for 3 weeks, I definitely am ready to get this challenge going. I have never sat around so much in my life. I feel like I have lost some strength and feel really crappy so I need to get my ass back off the couch. The challenge actually started Jan 1, so today is actually day 2 and I am already feeling like my old self again. I have just been eating as well as I can out of my pantry, trying my best to avoid holiday junk, and exercising daily. I AM NOT TRYING TO LOSE ANY WEIGHT. I just want to get my strength back, and feel good about myself. I want to be strong, mentally and physically after this challenge

The reason I am telling you about this challenge, and my budget, is because I am going to be posting my progress as I go for the next 8 weeks. I need to write it out so I actually follow through.

I know alot of you won't really be interested in this, so feel free to pass over reading it if you want. I completely understand! But for those who ARE, I hope you stick around and see how it goes, maybe cheer me on :)

Did you make any resolutions?