Friday, January 2, 2015

Happy New year! And my goals for 2015

Hey everyone! Happy 2015! I have to say...I am glad that December is gone and over with. I had a very stressful, and chaotic, and moneyless month, some tears were shed, but now I am ready to MOVE. ON. January always brings resolutions, and a fresh start, where you get a chance to start over and make better decisions that you did the previous year.

This year, my resolution was to go back to basics. What that means is living on a budget, and ACTUALLY sticking to it. I was laid off almost the whole month of December, and I did not recieve a paycheck at unemployment check will not come until I am already back at work, (which is Monday and I can't wait!) So, needless to say a budget is very necessary to get my life back on track.

I am also diving into the new Love Your Body challenge from Tone It Up, which is an 8- week fitness challenge where you receive daily workouts, you can win prizes, and is meant to push you and make you truly appreciate all your body does for you and actually learn to love Valentines Day.

After sitting around my house bored, and twittling my thumbs for 3 weeks, I definitely am ready to get this challenge going. I have never sat around so much in my life. I feel like I have lost some strength and feel really crappy so I need to get my ass back off the couch. The challenge actually started Jan 1, so today is actually day 2 and I am already feeling like my old self again. I have just been eating as well as I can out of my pantry, trying my best to avoid holiday junk, and exercising daily. I AM NOT TRYING TO LOSE ANY WEIGHT. I just want to get my strength back, and feel good about myself. I want to be strong, mentally and physically after this challenge

The reason I am telling you about this challenge, and my budget, is because I am going to be posting my progress as I go for the next 8 weeks. I need to write it out so I actually follow through.

I know alot of you won't really be interested in this, so feel free to pass over reading it if you want. I completely understand! But for those who ARE, I hope you stick around and see how it goes, maybe cheer me on :)

Did you make any resolutions?



Jenny Olatunji said...

i cannot wait to see your progress!

Jennos Health.

Rachel AllNaturalAspirations said...

Good lucknowledge with your financial and physical challenges!
Rach xx

Sabrina Zimmerman said...

I love the Tone it Up plan! I wish I could do the challenges, but alas, my health just doesn't allow me to do it! Someday though I am hopeful! :-) In the meantime I will be cheering you on and offering you support while you take it on! :-) xo

Lea Lou said...

Hey! If you are interested I can give you the name of the place I used to work in Louisville. It's a food factory. They are always hiring. It pays well and the work is easy. Just some odd hours.

Shauna said...

Thanks Lea! I actually have a pretty good paying job, but they didn't have anything for us to do the last 3 weeks of Dec...and unemploynent only pays for 2 because of a waiting week. But i think after next week things will start to get better when i get a paycheck finally!!

Shauna said...

I'm sorry you can't do it with me, but I hope you get well enough to soon! :) I appreciate the support!

Shauna said...

Thanks Rachel! I appreciate it :)

Shauna said...

Thank you! I can't wait to see what happens :)

Lea Lou said...

Good to hear! I actually read the first part then posted so I was glad to see you were able to go back!