Monday, February 9, 2015

Purple, red and in between

Hey guys! Today is brought to you by the color purple. And red.  And the stuff in between. I have been trying out all sorts of samples, and even some full sized items, and finally found the ones that fit my personal taste.

The first is a blush...that falls into the red category category, and it is Bourdeaux cream blush by The All Natural Face.

 It is the newest of my TANF blush collection, and the one that I have been wearing pretty much every time I wear blush at all. It is so pretty and kind of an intense burgundy color, and I was actually terrified to try it on when I first opened it. But if you use a light hand, it can be very subdues and make your cheeks look flushed. Like you were out in the cold for a while...and right now I can get that rosy glow from stepping outside, but I'd rather fake it. With this blush :) It goes on really smoothly, the same way the other TANF cream blushes do, and it stays put pretty much all day on my skin. $5.75

Next up is a true PURPLE, also from TANF. This beauty is Purple Passion lipstick and I AM IN LOVE WITH IT (especially with a little Petal Rebel from RAL mixed in)!

Purple Passion and Petal Rebel

There is one downside to this lipstick shade though, as with other purple cream items from TANF, it gets a little spotty when you apply it. I'm not sure why but all of their purples do that. Other than that, wow is this lipstick gorgeous! I have totally become a huge purple lipstick addict from this baby. It is moisturizing, and doesn't have a taste or smell that I have detected, so for those who are sensitive to scents, worry not. $8.05

Another beautiful purple lip color, Asset from Silk Naturals, is a very well known shade in the green beauty community.
 For good reason may I add!

This lip gloss is very sheer, and glossy, and looks different on different people, I think. I have seen it on other green gals on youtube, and I feel like it looks very nice on all skin tones and seems to match each person based on their lip color. That is why I love Asset so much, it looks great on everyone! The shade itself is a deep berry color, but leaves behind a sheer stained look which is very pretty, I absolutely love it, and recommend you try it if you havent already.

The third and final lip color ( can you tell I am loving purple lipstick yet??) is from a newer brand to me, called Etherealle. I found them on etsy sometime last summer and ordered a 5 pc lipstick sampler. The shade that wowed me though was called Muse.

THIS. COLOR. Omg it's just beautiful. It is a very BRIGHT almost fuchsia, and it stays that color on the lips. This was my favorite lip color of the fall, that's when I really started trying out as a full lip color rather than a swatch...and thus my purple addiction came into play. Thanks Etherealle. This lipstick is very opaque, and long lasting. It does accentuate dry patches so make sure you exfoliate beforehand!! I feel it goes on more smoothly if you have freshly exfoliated, and moisturized lips because it is kind of hard to blend out at first until it warms a little.
$2.95 for sample, $9.95 for full size

Lastly, we are going to move to a different part of the face...the eyes. The windows to your soul. The place where guys should look instead of at your boobs. Haha, This shade is from Concrete Minerals, one of my personal FAVE brands of mineral makeup, and it is called Saint.
You have probably seen this used in some of my youtube videos if you follow me there, if not, you are about to! It is probably my favorite shadow at the moment. It is a very unique color, a mixture of navy blue and dark purple, with just a hint of violet sparkle. I use it as a cateye liner alot, and it brings out blue eyes perfectly. All of Concrete Minerals' shadows are long lasting on me even without a primer, but if you have oily lids you may need one. $7.00

Well thats it for my red and purple shade far. If you have any other  recommendations, I'd love to hear them!!


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The Lipgloss Librarian said...

I love Bordeaux! I've never been brave enough to wear it on my cheeks but it makes a nice lipstick :)