Friday, February 20, 2015


Omg. You have NO IDEA how excited I am to share this with you! I have already told my sister (who btw switched to organic personal care last year!) all about it and she is going to try it. Now it's time to share it with everyone else.

Before I do though, yall should know by now (we say that here) that I am trying to live a little more sustainable, cut back on waste, and try to recycle most of my when this deodorant caught my eye...I jumped on it.
What is so special about a deodorant you ask??? is wrapped in paper. Compostable paper. No plastic!! Pretty exciting stuff, in fact I squealed when I found it... I may have a problem. This product is from a shop I found on etsy called The Rex Apothecary, and all of their items are so amazingly green.
You use it the same way as a conventional plastic twist up tube, but instead of twisting you just push the bar up through the cardboard tube, and apply it. It's really a genius idea. I can't believe it hasn't been thought of until now!
Another thing that drew me in was the scent. It wasn't your typical lavender, or tea tree scent most organic deodorant brands offer, but this scent was one I had only ever found in the candy isle...cocoa orange! That brought back memories of my mom buying that ball of chocolate that was shaped like an orange and broke into slices when I was little. I loved those! It sealed the deal and the only thing I could do was order right then and there.
Luckily, it wasn't just all packaging and actually works for me. I put it to the test the day after receiving it with atough Fitness Blender workout, and every day since at my factory job. It is really great at keeping me odor free. Also, it moisturizes my armpits and doesn't stain my clothing. Bonus points for clean shirts!

Even though there is baking soda in the ingredients, I have experienced ZERO irritation, and have had no problems whatsoever. There is also arrowroot, shea & cocoa butters, coconut oil, and wonderful organic essential oils that keep you odor free and smelling like chocolatey orange amazing deliciousness all day. You will want to eat it...but please dont!

I really LOVE the fact that they made this completely biodegradable, plastic free, organic, and small batch. For a small price of $9.95, you are really getting a quality product! Some will disagree with thst price, but just look at all of the thought and care and the ingredients that go into making it. I actually had to wait a few days because they were waiting for fresh ingredients to prepare my order, so you are getting something made just for you.

I really recommend trying this deodorant whether  you are looking for a new scent, more sustainable packaging, or just to have a great deodorant. It is one of my favorites of the bunch I have tried, and you will definitely be seeing more about this brand from me!


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Rebecca said...

I think I might have been just as excited to read this post as you were to share it! I love everything about this deodorant, especially the scent choices (cedar and clove!) and I'm always looking for options without tea tree oil. I really appreciate the fact that you always find and feature unique products, so thank you for sharing!

Shauna said...

I'm so glad you liked it! :) I love finding new products I can't find reviews on, that way others can find them.

jovie belisle said...

I'm so honored and pleased that you chose to review our deodorant! It's definitely one of our best sellers because of the great results people have had with it. Keep spreadin' the natural beauty word! You seriously rock.

Gina said...

This is exciting! I love finding new products and new companies -- especially natural, indie brands. Thank you for the review.