Sunday, September 25, 2016

Healthy dips this fall.

Hey guys! One of my favorite things to do is eat. If you follow me on Instagram, you will know this already. Eating food and learning about food are literally my two favorite things in life (besides going to concerts that is!). A couple weeks ago I was approached by Chobani and they asked me if I would share my thoughts on ways to make eating dips and spreads healthier for this season. Um...I LOVE dips, and talking about my favorite snacks, so of course I said yes.

I had gone to Target and saw the new Mez dip Chobani has come out with and I decided what a great time to give it a try! I also threw in my personal favorites, such as salsa, guacamole, and hummus, and since this season is all about watching sports and traveling around to friends houses to watch games (not me, but people do...) I decided to just buy everything already made to see how easy it is to eat healthy snacks.

When it comes to making your dipping healthier, it's really simple swaps that make all the difference. Here are some tips to show you how easy these swaps can be.
1. Use veggies instead of chips or pretzels. They are just as crunchy and make great vessels for and dip! Also try roasting your veggies to make them even more delicious.
2. Try eating the rainbow. The more colors you have on your plate, the more nutrients.
3. Try finding dips that have a really short ingredient list, that way you know you aren't loading up on junk.

Trader Joe's is really the ultimate affordable dip haven. This salsa is the best one I have ever tried and it is under $2.00. For real, Also, their roasted garlic hummus is the bomb and it is under $2.00 as well. This pre-made guacamole has big chunks of avocado in it and no weird ingredients so you know you can enjoy yourself and not feel guilty.

As far as dippers, my favorite by far are kale chips, bell peppers, carrots and celery. The bell peppers dipped in salsa are unbelievably good! I also really liked the kale chips with the chili lime Mez dip from Chobani. The flavors went so well together I couldn't stop eating...I ate every piece of food pictured here. Well, the veggies that is! I still have some (very little) of each dip left over.

Eating healthy may seem like it is very daunting, or expensive, but you really can get great quality snacks to indulge in this season for very little money. Veggies are always inexpensive options, rather than processed grain crackers or chips which are usually pretty pricey for "healthy" ones.

I hope this helped you find some options to try this football season when you are watching a game or just feel like snacking. Like me. What are your favorite dippers and dips? I would love to know!

See you soon!

*If you are interested in trying the Mez dip for yourself, you can find more info on their website here-

*I was not compensated by Chobani for this post, All opinions are my own.

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