Friday, October 7, 2016

Going grain free, progress and goals.

Back in August, I went out for dinner with my boyfriend and his mom at a local Mexican restaurant as we have done many times. When we go to this place it is usually on a Thursday because the have a buffet and we all really like that because you can load up on all the fresh veggies and avoid having to eat things you would like to avoid.  All seemed to be normal until the next day when bf and I both started having stomach trouble, and it lasted for about 2 weeks.

His mom had no issues so we though maybe we had just eaten something earlier that day, but it was strange that we had never had this problem before. My guts felt swollen and actually hurt on my left side and I was very bloated and just plain uncomfortable. I looked around online and spoke with my Naturopath, then decided maybe I should try going paleo for a bit to see if I had any food triggers.

So that's what I did. I had no grains or beans or gluten at all for 2 weeks and after only 3 days I saw a huge difference. My belly flattened, my guts weren't swollen, and all bathroom problems had almost disappeared. I also noticed my body looked and felt leaner which is great because I workout regularly and can never get certain body parts to lean out. I thought there really is something to this paleo thing!

After 2 weeks, bf and I drove to Chicago to see Black Sabbath for The End tour (epic btw!!!), and being a person who runs late a lot I was not prepared and had no road snacks so we ended up stopping at White castle somewhere in Indiana. I saw that they had grilled chicken on their menu now so I got that thinking I would just remove the bun...but it came out to me breaded. Great. So I had the whole thing because I was starving. I had a little bloating and water retention the next day and honestly felt kind of crappy. That's when I decided to go MOSTLY grain free from then on, only eating grain when I don't have other options or when I am out at a restaurant and just feel like eating bread on my burger, or when I feel like having oats for breakfast.

I just feel better when  I avoid grains/ gluten. I have more energy, I feel like I poop better (TMI), sleep better, and retain less water which has always been an issue for me in my hands and feet. So that being said, nearly all of the foods I talk about from now on will be paleo or grain free, as I am not avoiding legumes since they don't cause any digestive problems for me.

What are your thoughts on the paleo lifestyle? Have you tried going grain free, and if so how did you feel? I would love to hear your experiences!

See you soon!

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