Thursday, October 20, 2016

In the KNOW- The best bread ever.

Right now I am sitting on the couch drinking some paleo superfood hot cocoa (based on this recipe), and wishing I had a delicious muffin from the company I am about to rave all over you about. I am obsessed with this company. It's a love affair that I hope never ends. Sometimes brands enter your life for a reason, to have an impact on your life and teach you something along the way. Know Foods is one of those companies for me. I came across a sponsored post for Know Foods on Instagram right at the beginning of my grain free experiment, and was immediately drawn in and went straight to their website to explore...and never looked back!
Know Foods is a company out of Atlanta, Georgia who is on a mission to teach people the benefits of a gluten and grain free life by way of making the best bread EVER. Not only do they make bread slices, they also offer buns, bites, muffins using Enjoy Life chocolate chips, and most recently, pancake mix. All grain free and paleo friendly!

What makes these products so much better nutritionally is the fact that they use nutrient dense superfoods such as flax, chia, and coconut flours to create a bread that tastes unbelievable, and is also low glycemic (less than 10  glycemic index), high protein, and full of fiber. This  delicious slice of superfood heaven really softened the landing of my journey into grain-freeness. I use to think I would never be able to go grain free because I love toast...but my mind was blown and changed immediately after my first bite.

I'm not exactly sure how they did it, magic is my guess, but they somehow made grain free bread taste like the real thing. The texture is a little more dense but it toasts PERFECTLY, and is very sturdy. I even take pre-toasted slices in my lunch to work and they never get soggy! That was one of the reasons I preferred sprouted bread, was the fact that it held up in my lunchbox and being refrigerated.

A great thing for me about these products is that I have no water retention after eating them, When I eat grain based things, whether it be sprouted bread, or even organic pasta, I retain water and get puffiness all over, especially my face and hands/ feet. I never really thought it was related to grains until I removed them from my diet and saw immediate results. So if you are someone who has trouble with puffiness after eating, this could be a great product for you as well,

None of their products contain:
*added sugar
*trans fats

So far I have tried everything but the bread bites, but they are on my list! I have purchased from Know Foods 3 times now, and they always throw in a bag of muffins....and they are amazing! Their customer service couldn't be better also! Every time I order, they actually call me on the phone to see if I will be home the next day to receive my package. Who does that anymore?? I was so impressed. They ship next day as well, although sometimes it takes a few days for them to ship it since they have to make it.

The packaging has changed since my first time ordering, but I just love the simplicity of the black and white labels. The bread slices and buns come in packs of 4, while the muffins and bites come 10 to a bag. I always get 4 packs of slices (16 slices), and put one in the fridge then the other 3 in the freezer until i need to use them. They freeze well, and even toast nicely right from the freezer.
I have been experimenting with their pancake mix, and am loving it! It makes a great breading for chicken and also makes really good muffins. I have a muffin recipe coming soon using Know pancakes and Sunwarrior protein so keep an eye out.

Just to show you how Know bread compares to other popular brands, here is a handy chart.

Know bread wins in the fiber department, not to mention the lower sodium, higher fiber, protein content AND the super low glycemic index.

Each one of their products costs $10, unless you get the sample pack ($15), or the subscription ($80).
The sample pack includes:
 *2 buns 
 *5 bites 
 *5 muffins

*8 buns
*20 bites
*16 muffins
Delivered twice per month

 Before you say that's too expensive hear me out! You know the rewards program that Iherb has? Well Know Foods has one too! Yep! You earn points every time you place and order, or share them on social media! Here is a break down of the rewards program from their website.

Once you create an account, you automatically receive 100 points!

As you can see, there are lots of different ways to earn points. When you reach 1000, you actually can get free bread! You earn 10 points for every dollar you spend, and if you refer a friend and they use your link to purchase, they get 10% their first order, but you also receive 200 points. For every 5 people that purchase through your personal link, you get $10 off your next order, Every time! How cool is that? You can cash your points in after you reach 500 and Know Foods will email you a coupon code to save $5. So simple, and so awesome,

If you are interested in trying any of the products that Know Foods offers, feel free to use this link to save yourself 10% on your first order.
And go check them out on all of their social media accounts!

Facebook  | Instagram | Twitter

Where to buy:

If you live in Atlanta, you can find them at Buckhead Bread Corner Cafe, and Atlanta Fish Market.

egg whites, almond flour, applesauce, flax seed, prebiotic fiber, allulose, apple cider vinegar, coconut flour, baking powder, chia, coconut oil, sea salt.

Let me KNOW if you try it!


* I was not sponsored by Know Foods or compensated in any way to write this post. I express genuine love and appreciation for this company, and purchased these products myself.

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