If you are a company and want to contact me to review your product, there are many ingredients I avoid in my beauty products, and that will determine whether or not I decide to accept. I am really determined to use all natural and cruelty free products.

For general questions or business inquiries please contact me at Please put the reason for contact in the subject line of the email or I will assume it is spam.
                                                               Thank you!

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Chiara Tuscana said...

Hi. I've got a doctor friend who investigates ingredients in cosmetics, especially "vegan" or Organic. She told me the ingredient titanium dioxide is carcinogenic. It is found in most products. I am always looking for the purest, safest vegan and organic cosmetics and skin care. I wish cosmetic companies would be more truthful when they claim to be so safe but still use certain ingredients that are not safe. I'm still searching.